Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Thing About Facebook

It's hard for me to explain my fascination with facebook. I am completely aware that I have a bit of an addiction, and that's putting it mildly. But with going back to work and a no cell phone policy there, it does cut my connection time down a bit! We have also recently implemented a home rule of no social media past 6:00 pm.

I am exempt from that rule for this one post!

I find it extremely interesting how people use this form of social media. Of course it's great to reconnect with old friends, share pictures, find groups or fan pages with your favorite interest. I am quite fond of using quotes from my children as my status updates! It's a new form of funny every day around here! It's great to see what's going on with everyone, see where they took a vacation, see where they got a new job, see their newborn baby. Frankly, it's like Entertainment Tonight only with real people that I know.

However, I do think sometimes people use facebook as a middle school locker room. Passive aggression is often my favorite part of this website, and I know that's a horrible thing to say. For me, though, if I'm poking fun at someone, it's because I know they will joke back with me. Like when my status was, "I just saw that someone posted HBD for Happy Birthday. If it's their special day, you owe it to them to spell it out! ;)" For one, I was trying to be silly, and for another, I knew she would poke right back at me! But what about when it's something more mean spirited? Is it really ok to post something like, "You'll get what's coming to you," or "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."


And you know the person they are talking to/about is on their friends list.

Now don't get me wrong. I've had status updates that aren't all butterflies and rainbows. Often times, though, I tend to delete it because I feel bad for posting it! The other day I said something like, "When will I ever realize that some people are impossible to figure out." For me, though, I wasn't directing it at a friend on my list. It was sort of a life lesson type thing for me; a thought that I was processing.

The other thing I can't figure out is the ever popular friends list cut. One of my best friends posted on my wall the other day, "Just letting you know I took my friends list down to 128 - just sayin' :)" She was teasing me because she knows I'm basically incapable of deleting anyone, and my list tops the scales at 763. But rest assured, there are those on my list who have over 1000 friends, so my list is nothing really!

What is your criteria when it comes to your friends list? Especially if you do the friends list cut thing? I guess I just figure the whole point of social media is to connect with others, and to be honest, I've actually found that having a lot of friends can be helpful at times! I found a free bunk bed for my kids once!

I do understand those who only want close friends and family. Really. If I downsized my list, I would keep you if I saw you around town, had kids in the same class, went to the same church, etc. I would perhaps cut you if I never saw you and you never interacted with me on my page.

And what about pictures? I love posting pictures of my kids, family, and friends. Recently I had a first when it comes to facebook: someone asked permission to post pictures of my kids from a VBS they attended. I had never even considered asking this question!

I love facebook. A lot.

I have my own "rules".

Do you?