Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot Topics

Every now and then, I'll write something that sparks conversation within the comments or lends itself to many comments. I'd like to think of those as Hot Topics, and I'm including a link to each of those here.

Don't Hog Your Journey - working through weight loss.

Where Did Classy Go? - observing the changes in our culture's attire.

No Gifts, Please - asking those who come to my children's birthday parties to bring themselves...and that's it.

Torn - finding out how many organizations financially support Planned Parenthood, including one that I wanted to be a part of.

More Than We Can Bear - explaining that God does allow us to have more than we can handle.

Women: Did You Know? - unveiling the truth about chemical birth control.

About Tithing - discovering a different view on giving 10%.

The Title I Don't Like - battling with the idea of being called a homemaker.

I am a Compulsive Opinion Giver - keeping my mouth shut...or...the inability to do so!

A Bad Mom? - realizing that when we mess up, it doesn't make us bad moms.

A New Perspective - watching Family Man and regaining a sense of who I am today.

That covers Hot Topics from 2010 and a couple from 2009. If you think I missed one, let me know! And if another one arises, I'll add it to this page!

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