Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The (Unofficial) End of Summer (Almost)

Hello, July 31st.

I am a little sad to see you.

This summer has been good to me and my family, and the fact that I see you on the calendar means August is tomorrow.

And tomorrow means 5 days until my husbands goes back for teacher meetings.

And tomorrow means two weeks until my kids have to go back to school.

So I guess you could say, that while summer's end is still officially over a month and a half away, you make me realize that summer is basically over for our little family.

I do love the fall, and I do love everything that comes with the change of the seasons, whether the official change or the school-year change.

But I willl miss summer this time.  Probably the first time in a long time.

Because of moments like this...

And I'm glad I have this guy to share those moments with...

July's nothing personal.  I just wish you didn't arrive so quickly this year. 

Take your time next year, ok?