Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Wasn't Me

Yesterday I had a few things I needed to print, and since our printer has been out of commission for quite some time, I called my friend and neighbor, Kim, to see if I could utilize her printer instead. Being the wonderful person that she is, and since she was home for the day, she said that I was more than welcome to come over and use it.

After I found what I needed online and finished printing, I couldn't help but head over to my own blog just to see if any of my friends had posted new entries. I didn't sign in, I just typed my blog's address. Then from my own page, I clicked on another's blog. What I noticed is that even though it should have recognized that it was Kim on this blog - since I was on her computer and not logged into my own blog - it knew I came from Traveling Light. Technically it WAS me, but really, it should have been Kim.

There have also been many times when I've used the laptop we have here at the house this summer to see if anyone has updated - same process, just typing my blog address, not logging in - and it shows me on the Blog Frog.

What I've realized is that it's saying it's me, but it's only because I came from my own blog. Does that make sense? I started putting this together when I used to get hits from MckMama, and I thought there was no way she was actually coming to my blog that often. So a few times I have commented on her blog, and from her blog I clicked on my name associated with the comment. Poof...a hit from MckMama.

There have been hits on my blog from friends or even my sister, and when I've mentioned something about a blog entry on a certain day, and when they respond, "I haven't been on your blog in a few days," I know that the hit is coming from someone who found me through their blog, not them actually stopping by themselves.

The same thing (sort of) happens with FeedJit. If you are a registered user for FeedJit, it will always be correct. But if people are not registered, there is no telling where it will say you're coming from. On the laptop in our house, it says I'm from another state. Before I registered, our home computer would show up as St. Clair, Missouri (which is about 30 miles or so from here).

I do love tracking-type thingy-majiers. But don't count on them being 100% accurate. It's possible that if you see me show up on yours, it wasn't me.


Mrs. Haid said...

Bummer. I thought you and I were just BFFs and you stopped by alot to see me!

But I thought the BlogFrog thing had some glitches, so I just took it off. I noticed that when i don't have it on my blog, I don't show up on other people's, even though I didn't de-activate it!

Our printer is on the fritz, too. Probably because we let the baby stand on it as a step stool to reach the desk and look out the window. He laughs each time his toes push buttons, so I bet that is why ours doesn't work!

Chrissy said...

If you see me on FEEDJIT, it's really me. Yes, I come by a lot, BFF! ;o)

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