Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Phrase

I remember the pediatrician telling me that a second born child is quicker to walk, slower to talk. Makes sense, right? The younger one has to keep up with the older one while the older one talks for the younger one.

It gets worse with the third.

I do my best not to compare, but sometimes it's very hard. We had a friend come visit us last month sometime, and her sweet little boy is just two months older than Gabriel. The difference: Brody (my friend's child) is a first born. I heard him talk to his mommy, and he even talked to me. He could repeat any word she said. The little guy said, "Hi, Chrissy. Hi, Josh. Hi, Gabriel. Hi, Caleb. Hi, Sarah." ALL OF US! It was sweet, but then I thought to myself, "Gabriel can't even just say hi on command!"

So I've been patient. I've just worked with him the best I can, using small words with him at every opportunity.

If he's playing with a ball, I'll say, "Ball!"

If it's a cup, I'll say, "Cup!"

And so on.

The doc told me that by the age of two he needs to have a vocab of 50 words and be able to put two words together. Boy, we sure have a long way to go.

But today, I heard him say his first phrase. It is so funny that this is what he's picked up. I'm not joking when I say that he really says NOTHING on a regular basis. Even words that a one-year-old can say, he doesn't say. He babbles and communicates through pointing, but really no words. We noticed recently that he was trying to say this phrase, and it made me realize that I must say it A LOT!

Can you recognize it? He says it right at the beginning 0:04, again at 0:11 (most clearly), and once more at 0:30.

Please don't think I'm horrible for giggling when he was visibly upset :o)



Chasity said...

Is it "uh-uh, not nice"? I don't think your horrible for laughing at him. Sometimes they are so stinkin cute when they are angry :)

our home to yours said...

I couldn't really tell what he was saying, but don't worry about him not talking yet. My daughter Amanda refused to talk when she was little. She had her big brother trained to understand her grunts and points. She finally started talking when she started school. :)

☼Míñdÿ☼ said...

Came across your post via another. I also would not worry about his talking. My first born didn't want nothing to do with talking. I think he said his first word at like 18 months. Then he wouldn't shut up. My second also hasn't tried saying anything yet. He's still young, just turned 9 months, but no "Momma, Dadda, Etc." My motto, they do it when they are ready.

Tiffany said...

Aww. My second born did not walk quicker. He did not walk until around 18 months! But he does talk a lot. I think that they are just all different. {grin}

Chrissy said...

Chasity, you are right! :o) Good job interpreting someone else's! I know sometimes only a mother can understand her own kiddo.

Anonymous said...

I found you through FMBT and I have to say I giggled a little too! (and man was he angry!) Also, I feel your pain about taking down the crib (sniff!)

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