Monday, November 15, 2010

Elementary School Memories

Tell me the best thing that you ever experienced in elementary school. Where did you go to elementary?

Oh, the memories I have of elementary school. They are still quite vivid, I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's just how my brain works; I tend to remember everything.

My mom and dad were both teaching but in different school districts. They decided that I would go to the school where my mom taught 5th grade, and that was in Belle, Missouri - a very small town and a very small school. I loved my friends and I loved my teachers.

The best thing I ever experienced in elementary school was the opportunity I had to be in several musicals. Not only did the choir director have programs for the entire elementary, he also had a select children's choir, and I was a part of that, too. I remember singing "Leader of the Pack" as a solo at one of our dinner theaters, and I also loved singing "Toyland" at one of our Christmas concerts. I was "Jenny" in one of our Christmas musicals, and it was a big part for a little 3rd grader!

My favorite role, though, was being Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" in 5th grade. I remember debating on whether I should color my hair blonde, but eventually we all decided I could be a brunette Alice!

Alice with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Some of my closest childhood friends were a part of that musical with me, and it just really stands out in my mind.

I still think about those friends often.


Anonymous said...

I remember doing that play in fifth grade as well. I was a flower! And of course Gina Davis was our Alice. You were a pretty Alice

Aries said...

We folks here attend kindergarden (like your elementary school) at six. I, just like you, could still remember most of it. I am still keeping my report card. It is nice to go down memory lane once in a while

Anonymous said...

I loved elementary school too...that's probably why I became a teacher! :-) I remember doing a dance routine to the song "Calendar Girl". Each girl was dressed as one of the months...good times, ha!

Qixi and Moxie said...

I love reading your blog because I used to live in MO. I know exactly where Belle is (passed through not too long ago)and it's nice to hear someone mention a familiar town.

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