Wednesday, January 18, 2012

While I'm Nesting

Today I found myself in full-fledged nesting mode. I wish I could bottle up this motivation and determination and keep it for the days when I'm not like this (which are more often than not), but since I can't, I just have to take advantage of the moments when I'm excited to clean and declutter!

From the time I got home from taking Caleb to school - which was probably 8:15 or so - until I put Gabriel down for a nap around 1:00, I don't think I sat down. At all. This is not normal for me, and I can really feel it now. My poor back.

Fortunately for me, my two kiddos who are here with me during the day have extremely independent personalities. They do not tend to ask me to play with them, perhaps it's because they have each other? Or maybe it's because they are second and third born? I'm not sure, but on days when I'm just focused on a project to clean or put away or declutter, they are perfectly content to do their own thing. So today, I took a few pictures of what they do.

First, Sarah asked if she could play on for a bit. I love that website because it is full of preschool games for her to do, so while she's having fun, she actually has to think and be creative! Gabriel loves to watch while she does this.

Today she was playing Toopy and Binoo.

When they were done with their computer time, Gabriel decided he wanted to play with Caleb's Legos.
If Caleb knew I let him play with his Legos, he might be upset with me! But Gabriel is getting pretty good at it, so I got them down for him.

Sarah went into the playroom (soon to be girl room...that's my next project) and found her Daisy Girls which is a 40-piece wooden/magnetic mix and match thing for her to dress up those girls.

I was too focused on what I was trying to accomplish to take anymore pictures (this is either good or bad depending on how you look at it) but they also played in the play room for quite a bit, Sarah with her Barbies in the doll house and Gabriel bringing neighbors over to play with Barbies, which usually includes Batman and Robin or sometimes dinosaurs. She is a very sweet big sister, she never seems to mind when Gabriel finds random "friends" to bring to the doll house.

We did pause for a snack of applesauce around 10:00. We did have lunch around noon. Other than that, they were good kids who played on their own together.

What do your kids like to do when you're busy doing something around the house?


Ashley said...

That sounds like Heaven! I'm in full nesting mode as well and I WISH my kids would occupy themselves like that! If it's nice weather and they can go outside my kids will occupy themselves the ENTIRE DAY playing outside, but if they have to be inside it's contstantly "mom, mom, mom".

Bethany Haid said...

Our house is really different, and its because of the age differences I think. DHH is just starting to enjoy playing alone or with minimal adult interaction. He always wants to participate in what we are doing - laundry, writing, etc- and so sometimes we have to stop what we are doing and give him full attention so he'll chill the heck out while we finish our task. Elsa is really good at playing independently, just like Daniel was at 9 months. 2.5 seems to be the tough age to keep occupied!

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