Friday, January 11, 2013

A Different Spelling - A Teachable Moment (For Mom)

Depending on what I'm doing with Sarah's hair, our routine for fixing it is often with her sitting in one of our bar stools in front of the tv.  She watches a show on Disney Junior or something while I do two braids or a braid across the front with a pigtail or whatever.  It just makes it more fun for her and hopefully less painful if she's distracted when I'm pulling her hair!

This morning she saw a commercial for a show that is particularlly cute.  You may have seen it, too.

Making conversation with me, she said, "I have a girl with that name in my class, but she doesn't spell it the same."

I replied, "Oh, I'm sure she does, Sarah.  That's how you spell it."

"No, Mom.  Really.  Her's is longer." she continued.

Not wanting to argue but feeling sure she must have just not realized how the girl spelled it, I said, "I'm pretty sure it's the same, Sarah."

Josh was in the kitchen, and he heard this exchange.  I guess he looked over at the tv, and then looked at me and said, "Chrissy, maybe the girl in the class uses a PH in her name..."

And then I realized...Sarah was right.

I didn't even know that the show used an F in Sofia.  I thought Sophia was always with a PH!

I told Sarah I was sorry and that she was very good at observing the difference!

She thought nothing of it, I could tell.  But it did make me feel bad.

I hope I'm better at listening/observing in these circumstances in the future.  If I had just looked at the title a little closer, I may have realized the difference.

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Kristin said...

Most of us are guilty of moments where our children prove us wrong and I am sad to think of all of the times it will happen in the future. Ha!

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