Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The (Unofficial) End of Summer (Almost)

Hello, July 31st.

I am a little sad to see you.

This summer has been good to me and my family, and the fact that I see you on the calendar means August is tomorrow.

And tomorrow means 5 days until my husbands goes back for teacher meetings.

And tomorrow means two weeks until my kids have to go back to school.

So I guess you could say, that while summer's end is still officially over a month and a half away, you make me realize that summer is basically over for our little family.

I do love the fall, and I do love everything that comes with the change of the seasons, whether the official change or the school-year change.

But I willl miss summer this time.  Probably the first time in a long time.

Because of moments like this...

And I'm glad I have this guy to share those moments with...

July's nothing personal.  I just wish you didn't arrive so quickly this year. 

Take your time next year, ok?


Susan said...

Excellent post!!!

Amanda said...

I agree with you completely!! The only bad thing about being off in the summer... Is that it does come to an end!:(

Sarah said...

me too

thechattymommy said...

Oh my gosh... Leah is so big. She is so cute and looks just like Sarah! Miss you.

Laura said...

Your littlest one has grown so much!!!!

vaiybora said...

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