Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer is Almost Gone

This is the 705th post of my blog.  I don't get an award or anything...but I thought it was note worthy. :)

The summer has, as always, flown by.  I realized on Wednesday that there are only three weeks until school starts, and that seems unreal.  Our school districts starts way early, but being one with children AND a teacher as a husband, I know that both kids and teachers are ready to go back.  And for the most part, I know moms are anxious for their kids to go back...but I honestly don't think I am.  I've had a lot of fun with them, even though we've not done as much as in past summers.

Every now and then I'll see a commercial or a news story on what to do with kids so they don't lose their academic progress over the summer.  I can't say that I worry or put all that much thought into this, but what we have done is just two simple things: I have asked Caleb to write a letter once a week to anyone he chooses - must have 5 sentences, nice handwriting, good spelling - and he reads chapter books - whatever he likes, even if it's just Phineous and Ferb.

Mama bought a book for Caleb to read while he helped Papa sell tomatoes!

As far as math goes, that's always a subject being used around here it seems!  Even the picture above is an example of math work, Papa has Caleb help with selling tomatoes, and when someone gives him money, he is actually very good at knowing how much change to give someone.

Sarah likes to bring us books to read to her, but I've noticed that she tries to read on her own, and it's pretty cute.  Sometimes I think she has memorized some of the book, but sometimes I know she's either reading from context clues or she knows the sounds of the letters in part of the word and figures it out.  Either way, it's a great start for her since she's just entering kindergarten. 

One of Sarah's fishing adventures this summer!

Gabriel is still a work in progress!  I chalk it up to being third born, but I really am not sure why he's not where the other two were at his age as far as learning/academics go.  But with Sarah and Caleb both in school this fall and Gabriel going to preschool two days a week, I pledge to get this sweet child caught up! :)

Gabriel and Daddy...eating oranges!

Even though Leah is only 3 months old, I can already tell she'll be a talker...what girl isn't?! :) She is cooing and smiling and giggling...and it's pretty darn cute.

Leah loves being outside...this picture was before the major heat wave!

While I actually prefer the fall, I will most certainly miss the summer.  I love being at home with my entire family - it's be best perk of marrying a teacher.

My sweet 4

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