Friday, September 7, 2012

New Paint (last post about the house, promise)

Well, maybe I shouldn't promise that this will be the last post about the house.  I think bloggers do tend to write about whatever is happening currently in their lives, and this just happens to be one of those things that's been on my mind.

Caleb was our only kid who was genuinely disappointed about not moving.  His primary reason for being excited about the move was the pospect of having his own room.  He had a paint color all picked out and was ready to make his space his own.  So when it all didn't work out, I knew I wanted to get his room painted.

It used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

We need curtains, and I know he would like Phineas and Ferb bedding eventually, so I might get matching curtains, too.  The ones I found are a contrasting color to the burnt orange, and I like that idea.

Since we're staying here, it seems like we've come up with a few ideas here and there to make the house seem new.  Paint is definitely one of them, and I really hope to paint bathrooms and my room soon, too!

I think I will be glad I wrote about all of this when I look back at my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the orange on the walls!!! I think you'll be really glad you made these posts
It's always fun to be able to go back and see all the changes that were made AND to remember how you were feeling at the time!

Causey Fam said...

Payton wanted Texas orange walls, but I wasn't brave enough to paint the entire wall :)

I like looking at pics of your house. Makes me feel like I've been there more recently!

Bethany Haid said...

Oh Chrissy, you will probably say,"I told you so" or something sage, but I vow to never have a character themed room in my house. So far, so good. There can be a trains room or a flower room or a blue and gold room, but hopefully no cartoon room!

Do you think I will be able to do this goal?
I don't even know what Phinneas and Ferb are, but it sounds like Ren and Stimpy!! And thus I hope I can hold onto my non-character room and still let my kid be my kid.

Or maybe it will change and I will adapt to what my kid wants and grow to be less selfish.
What do you think?

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