Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"I wish my baby girl had hair!"

This past Saturday we got together with Josh's dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite pictures from the day was that of the "great granddaughters" of Sam and Mavis (Josh's grandparents).  They are both gone now, but I just know how much they'd love to see how BIG their family is getting - it was already big since they had 8 kids...can you imagine the size of our family gatherings?! :)

We posed the great granddaughters, and then we added the great grandsons.  But at some point in the day, I was talking with the moms of the babies on each side of Leah and Sarah.  These baby girls are about six or eight weeks older than Leah, but Leah has tons more hair.  "I wish Addie had hair like that!" Josh's cousin said.

I told her I understood.

Because I do!

When Sarah was a baby, she was even more bald than these cousins of hers.

Almost 1.

So I wanted to assure them that those baby girls will have TONS of hair someday.  I just know it.

Even though it might take time.

When she turned 2...just barely enough for two little piggies!

Because Sarah didn't really have a lot until she was 3 or so.

Sometime in the fall after she turned 3.

 But now her hair is long and gorgeous.  I often contemplate chopping it off and donating it...I believe we will someday.  But for now, it's long and pretty and girly!

Now she's 6.

And I'm not sure I would have ever believed her hair would be this thick and long...because I do remember those bald days! :)


Anonymous said...

My first two babies were also bald and showed no signs of having any hair until they were 2! My third had hair just like Leah's and I LOVED it! But you're right, it will grow in and be thick and beautiful. I find myself envying Sarah's thick, straight, shiny locks! :)

Donna said...

My granddaughter Caelyn didn't have hair until she was 3. I told her she was so pretty she didn't need hair.

Samantha said...

Lol wow she didn't have hair

Stephanie said...

Awe!! Yes- more hair... Someday. My Leah has a few fuzzy strands... Getting LOTS of use out of those headbands until then!

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