Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Much of a Consistent Blogger (Plus some random thoughts)

Well, I guess my consistent blogging only last about 5 months.  I still would like to blame having a baby and having surgery.  I guess that's what it is.

Currently I have a few posts floating around in my head, and I just can't seem to get the words together to write them.  They are:

Why I sent my kids to summer school

Yes, there are men like the one in The Notebook (using some quotes from friends who blog - about their husbands - and then my own thoughts)

Friends who have decided to homeschool after public school experience

Some random thoughts:

We decided to go ahead and put our house on the market.  We are fortunate to owe far less than it's worth, and we stand to make a profit that will cover our realtor cost, future closing cost of a new house, and possibly a 10% down for future house.  We have found a house that we LOVE but it's a foreclosure...and the bank will not take a contingency bid from us.  Our house has to sell.  So we'll see how that goes.  I am completely content if that doesn't work out.  If we go all the way til November without selling (that's when the realtor contract is up) I am more than content to just say, "It was a good try!  Let's stay here!" :)

Who knew putting my house on the market is what it would take to make me a fabulous housekeeper.

I'm tired.  Leah is sleeping pretty good at night, only waking up at 2:00 to eat, but that interrupted sleep is still hard.

We had our carpets cleaned, so I helped move furniture.  Such a bad idea.  My back now hurts pretty bad, plus...I don't think I was supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for about 6 weeks after surgery.  Oops.

Today marks the end of Sarah's first full week of summer school - her first "real" school experience.  She has loved it, but I have realized that I'll have to be getting up early FOREVER now (except for summer break).  I'm not sure if this is good or bad as to WHY I say that, but I just always want to fix her hair before she leaves.  Part of it is so she looks nice, part of it is so she knows I care and like spending that time with her before she leaves.

I'm getting my hair highlighted this afternoon.  Cutting it, too.  Not much, probably an inch or two.  I also need to wax my eyebrows.  I will look amazing after that's all done! :) Now if I could just get a mani/pedi.  Boy, I sound prissy. 

My parents celebrate their 34th anniversary on Sunday.

It's really quiet in here right now with Caleb and Sarah in school, Gabriel at Papa's house, and Leah asleep.  Sort of too quiet, but unlike a previous post, I'm actually really enjoying it this morning.

Like...a lot.

I need a vacation to Mexico again.  Maybe with a friend or my mom.  Just a girl getaway or something.  Yeah...


Jaimee said...

I need a girls only vaca to anywhere. Let's go!

Andrea said...

I'm interested in your Noah post.

I want a girls vacation, too.

Kailyn also feeds at 2am :)

Felicia said...

Ya, I think a girls trip would be you wont come back expecting sorry just had to throw that in! Im only teasing you, cause that is what friends do!

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