Monday, June 25, 2012

A Big Year (and it's only June)

I have a sweet friend who keeps asking me what else I'm going to add to this year!

Because in April I had a baby girl.

Then, three weeks later in May, I had gall bladder surgery and ended up staying in the hospital for five days.

Then, exactly one month later in June, we decided to put our house on the market.

Two weeks after that, we accepted an offer and it was under contract.

One week after that, we found a house we love and the owner accepted an offer.

We close on both houses on July 20th.  My emotions are finally in check about it.

As if that's not enough for the year, my Sarah starts kindergarten August 9th.

Gabriel starts preschool the first week of September.

I'm not sure why this year became such a big year, but I can honestly say I'd love for the end to be calm - just enjoying stories from my kids about school, watching Leah achieve milestones, doing projects around the new house.

It's interesting that so much has happened (and it's only June, so who knows what else this year holds).

Have you ever had a big year where one thing after another seemed to happen - good or bad?


Nel said...

Oh yes... we have.... like the first year that Corey and I got married, was pretty crazy with deaths, divorces, miscarriages, and things being stolen from Corey's business.... (that all happened within 3 months)... But we have had some pretty great years too since then ;o)

Causey Fam said...

Yes, a few of them and this summer has been a make plans/God changes them kind of summer. In our 14 years of marriage I have learned to not hold too tight to plans because only the Lord knows what our schedule will really be like and what plans He has for us. At least most of the things you have had going on are exciting/happy things!! ;) (I am not including surgery!)

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