Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Nursing Picture (Rated G, I Promise)

Last Sunday, I was in our church's cry room.  It is fabulous by the way, kudos to the one who designed it!  My normal routine is to get to church at 9:15 with the family and go straight to the cry room to nurse Leah.  I end up at Sunday school about 15 minutes late, but that's ok...I'm set for the rest of the morning at church.

As I was nursing her, I looked down and noticed she was grabbing my shirt with her little hand, pulling it over me as if to help me cover up.  I thought it was pretty cute, so I reached over and picked up my phone to try and capture the moment with a picture.

Me and Leah 6/24/12

It is the only picture I have of nursing.  I did not photograph while nursing Sarah or Gabriel, and I did not end up nursing Caleb more than a week.  So this picture is special to me, it's the only way I have to document such an important part of my life...such an accomplishment.  You know what I mean if you've nursed and had trouble!

And I know it's often taboo to photograph such a thing.  That's why I never have.  It's really hard to capture it without it being too exposed...and some are ok with showing themselves nursing in a way that shows some skin!  In fact, I don't mind seeing other women with tasteful nursing pictures that have a bit of breast exposed because I think it's a beautiful thing.  But for me, I wasn't going to do that with my own self. :)

If you nursed, did you get a picture of it?  Did you want to?  Didn't want to?  Wish you did but didn't?  I'm curious how others feel.  


Jessica said...

I don't have any of Alexis, but wish that I did. I do have one with Isabel from her very first nursing after birth it's on Facebook, so I guess it's not too graphic or it would have been taken down. I love having it!

Bethany Haid said...

I only appreciate it now that I am a former breast feeder - I did not are a lick about it before I had kids, and during that time I'd of nursing I thou thought women whi took photos of it were silly or showing off... Because, hey, I do that too and so what is the big deal? Type mentality. Now that I haven't dine breastfeeing since march, I think the photo is special and I see a unique window into a temporary and special time.

Nel said...

I don't think I took a picture while nursing Abby... Darby I have taken a few - like my view, when I am covered (much like yours). I do think it is special and I still smile at least once a day and am very happy with my decision to breastfeed - and to continue with it! I have had some second thoughts lately about wanting to wean her (she is 8 months) but I will be so very happy with myself if I make it to 10 months like I did with Abby! Until a mother has nursed her baby... I think it's a feeling or 'thing' that you can't imagine... ok I rambled, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I never took a picture simply because I had to use both hands to nurse. I miss my big boobs! ;)

Anonymous said...

I took a few with Henry and have a few from the first time we tried to nurse and then I had portraits done with James when he was 2ish months. I love them.

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