Monday, August 20, 2012

When Your Dream House Doesn't Work Out

Back in June, I wrote a post about having a big year, and in it I included our housing situation:

Then, exactly one month later in June, we decided to put our house on the market.

Two weeks after that, we accepted an offer and it was under contract.

One week after that, we found a house we love and the owner accepted our offer.

We close on both houses on July 20th.  

Guess what?  We did not close on July 20th.  We had to move our closing date to August 20th - that's today.  But we're not closing today.  The couple who wanted to buy our house didn't work out, and the owner of the house we wanted decided he didn't want to wait for us.  So we lost a buyer and lost the house we wanted.

In every aspect, the house we wanted was our dream house.  It had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  It had a fireplace and a basement.  It had a beautiful back yard and was close to everything we do.  It was in a pretty and safe neighborhood.  And most importantly, it fit in our budget, which is a crazy good find considering we're a one-income family.

But, it's hard not to feel like God is speaking directly through the realtor when she says, "Chrissy, I just don't think this is supposed to happen for you guys for whatever reason!"  I mean...she's the one who makes money off of the sale...and even she thinks it's not supposed to happen.  We had TONS of roadblocks, so many that she said it was the strangest thing she's seen in 29 years of being in real estate.

And it's also strange that I am not a frazzled mess about this.  In fact, I think my husband didn't understand why I wasn't visibly upset after the call from our realtor about all of this.  I mean, yes, I was disappointed.  I think it took about a day to really process the fact that we're not moving - even after we had packed our entire kitchen and had started to clear out other rooms via decluttering and donating things.

I'll just cling to what my friend Maegan said: "See, I was right!  I knew you were content where you were!  Otherwise, you'd be all upset!"

It's true.  Even last night, as I watched my kids kick a football in the street...or ride their bikes down the road, I was thinking about how much I do love where I am.  Do we need more room?  Sometimes it sure feels like it!  I'm not saying we'll never move, but I'm thankful to be in a place that I love in the meantime.

Because afterall...home is where the heart is, right?  And my heart is with these people...


Bethany Haid said...

This is probably a key difference in our current house hunting and yours. We haven't found a perfect house, but we know this one is too small and not right. Gods timing is everything, and I am glad you can testify to that with a peaceful spirit.

Dennis said...

As a part time realtor, I have also felt a stronger hand acting at times during negotiations.

Sarah H. said...

WOW!! did not know all that was going on. but i do understand because that is exactly what God did with us building a house!! he completely stopped us dead in our tracks!! glad your staying in town since we are closer now :)

Amy said...

You've got a great attitude, Chrissy!

Denise said...

WOW. I believe it all happens for a purpose. We might not know at the time, but it's there.

Megan said...

I completely understand. After having our house on the market for 2 years, we finally sold and bought a different house just a few weeks ago. It WILL happen for you. Don't lose faith :)

Hillary said...

How do you feel about building on?? That's our plan - like the location but there is no way we're getting another kid in here.

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