Friday, January 23, 2009

"My kids would NEVER do that!"

Usually once a woman becomes a mom, she knows better than to say this phrase: "My kids would NEVER do that!" I don't think it takes long at all. We realize that kids are kids, and the things we thought for sure our kids wouldn't do...they do.

And yet, I do still find myself thinking those thoughts. It could be something silly like, "My kid would never pick his nose in public." (Yeah, right!) Or it could be something more serious like, "My kid would never intentionally hurt another child." So today, since God has a wonderful sense of humor, my sweet, 2-year-old daughter did something I thought for sure my kids would never do.

This is one of the silly things.

As I was sitting and watching Caleb play his morning round of Mario Kart, Sarah was quietly playing in her room...perhaps too quietly. I was laughing with Caleb as he made his wide right turns, falling off cliffs, etc. when all of a sudden, I saw Sarah standing in the hallway. She had unzipped her sleeper and taken it off completely except for the feet. And then, I also realized that she had taken off her diaper. This was no big deal until I realized the diaper was completely FULL OF POOP! I just looked at her and smiled. I said, "Sarah, please just tell mommy you need a diaper change when you have poopy, ok?" Thankfully, the "poopy" stayed contained in the diaper, there was no mess.

But I do remember always thinking, "My kids would NEVER do that!" When will I ever learn? :o)


accesskas27 said...

I am just thankful for your sake, that she had no markers in her room. ;-) I think as parents we all have been there....

Lane5 said...

I think it is time for potty training. Great blog. I have one too, but have slacked off since the start of FB. I need to post something new. I use it mainly for pictures for those friends and family not on FB.

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