Friday, January 30, 2009

Why can't they come out potty trained?

Yesterday was officially my second attempt at potty training Sarah. After Josh left for work, I realized that there were no diapers in the house for her. Bummer. And I was not about to drag three kids to the store with snow-covered streets and freezing temperatures (really, all that snow and temperature talk has nothing to do with it...I just haven't mastered the art of taking three kids to the store by myself yet). So I called Josh and he said he could be home by noon with a package of diapers for her.

There I other option but to put her in underwear.

I filled up her sippy cup with juice in hopes that this would get the process going. After having breakfast and ANOTHER sippy cup of juice, I thought for sure it was about time for this sweet little 2-year-old to GO! But would you believe...three hours passed before she went. She did, in fact, go on her potty seat. How exciting, right?! Then there was her first accident, then her second, then her third. I'm not kidding...that juice must have just hit her and decided to come out in small incriments every five minutes. I was not able to get her back on her potty seat. She was very resistant.

By that evening, she started to look a bit tired, and her eyes looked heavy. I felt her forehead, and it was warm, so Josh took her temperature - 100.4 was the reading. So since she was sick, had a fever, and was incredibly resistant to the idea, we put her back in a diaper. Second attempt - failed.

I suppose I should try again today, get her back in underwear and give it a go! It's still early. I might do that.


SonjaMichelle said...

I say try again...maybe it was just because she wasnt feeling well.

She'll get it...

Susan said...

Just remember what we talked about..when you go--take her and have her sit with you--worked with you two (oh--sometimes I really did not have to go - just want you guts to "empty" out..sorry I lied about that :)

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