Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh, how I love October! The brisk, cool weather is just so much fun after a long, hot summer. I love the leaves as they turn color, and as they fall, I love to see my kids play in piles of them in our yard.

And of course...I love pumpkins. They are the classic symbol of fall. They are so pretty.

This week's Shutter Love Tuesday theme over at Trendy Treehouse is PUMPKINS! It's funny that my favorite pictures are ones with just Sarah in them. These are from October of 2008.

I was so sad to hear that the pumpkin patch that we have gone to over the last few years will not be in business this fall. Hopefully we will find another one and create all new memories!



Anonymous said...

I know it's a drive for you but pin oak farms in new haven has a good one!


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh no - you must find a new pumpkin patch. This is one of my favorite traditions!

Jaimee said...

Try the new one in Licking - Two Peas Pumpkin Patch is the name I think. I has a 6 acre corn maze and Caleb Rowden is gonna be there later this month

Susan said...

Umm 6 Acre Corn..for some crazy reason made me think of "Children of the Corn"

Love your pic of Sarah!

Sarah Price said...

I heard there is a really nice pumpkin patch in Dixon.. might be worth looking into.. I plan on taking Jackson to his first pumpkin patch this year, I am sure I am more excited than he is!!

Chrissy said...

Sarah...that is the pumpkin patch shown in these pictures. They are not open this year.

Causey Fam said...

That is too bad about the one in Dixon! It was always a fun one. There is one here ;o) There are no pumpkins to pick in the actual patch--you just choose from the collection they have. There is a hay bale maze, corn maze, corn boxes, train, swings, cornstalk tunnel, gourd sling shot and wagon ride to the corn maze.

Jamie said...

I miss pumpkin patches...never got to take my kids to a real one...here, they just ship a bunch of pumpkins to churches and stuff and lay them all over the ground, but at least the kids still get to pick one out. I miss the north really bad sometimes!

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