Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Don't Read

It’s pretty much a running joke between me and my friend Maegan that I don’t read. The other day she posted something on her facebook page about placing an order with Amazon, and I responded, “I understand the excitement…because they sell more than just books!” Some of my friends who are writers have said things like, “But you seem to have a knack for writing. That usually comes from someone who likes to read.” I guess I’m an odd one.

So I’m confessing on my blog: I don’t read. It’s not that I don’t wish that I could curl up with a blanket and a book, a café mocha on my end table, a novel in hand that a friend suggested. I wish I could be that person who loads up books with them on their vacation. The ones who say sitting on the beach with a book is a part of their relaxation time. I just can’t.

And it’s mostly because I’m a slow reader.

Picture yourself reading out loud to your children at bed time. You know…that pace. You read each word clearly, at a pace that they can understand. For whatever reason, that’s about the pace that my brain processes it when I’m reading to myself. I find it interesting that I did rather well in school, was in the upper reading classes when they had those in elementary school, made all A’s until probably 8th grade science, graduated from high school with a 3.5 if I recall correctly. College level courses are the ones that hit me the hardest! My pace for reading most certainly affected my ability to focus on the massive material I had to cover.

It just takes a really long time for me to get through a book. I guess it’s embarrassing in a way to even say any of this. But perhaps this is an indication of my high intelligence. Right?! Like when I’ve read quotes about certain geniuses being bad in school. It just means I’m a genius.

Or something like that.

This also determines which blogs I read. I tend to write short posts because I usually only read blogs who post short entries. If I have to keep scrolling and scrolling to read it, especially if the font is size 10 or something, you’ve lost me! I like short, direct posts that have me smiling, enlighten me on a subject, or share a life experience. The more wordy blogs are just not for me.

I can count on one hand the books I’ve read in their entirety. It’s sad, I know. I just can’t make it through them.

Does your pace of reading determine your like/dislike for recreational reading?


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Non-fiction takes me forever to read. I have to reread pages sometimes.

Anonymous said...

YAY, thanks for mentioning me in your blog...I feel special!!! :)

I am a very fast reader, so that may have something to do with why I love to read. I can usually read a good book in a night or two, but there have been occasions when I've had to read slow simply because of too many details or characters. (ie: Dickens, Tolstoy, etc) I did find myself saying, "hurry up already and wrap this baby up!"

I'm assuming you're no longer even reading my reply right now, so I'll just say, don't feel bad that you aren't as intelligent...oops, I mean, as fast as I am! :)

Tom & Rachel said...

I'm with Maegan-I adjust my reading pace to fit the book at hand, although I tend to be a fast reader. But really, that just comes with practice! It's within your grasp...just reach toward the light... :D

Chrissy said... lost me after, "I'm a very fast reader..." ;)

The Bipolar Diva said...

I'm SO glad I'm not alone! :)

Sarah said...

I didn't even realize you had started blogging again!! I have missed so much.. So now I am spending my whole evening catching up!! I am such a slow reader also.. could also count on one hand how many books I have read. This post sounds like something that would have came directly from my mouth!

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