Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday (maybe)

I am contemplating starting a series on my blog called Tackle it Tuesday.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Over the last few weeks, I have grown very frustrated with my inability (or laziness?) to keep up with my house. I'm not talking about dishes or laundry. I'm talking about things like dysfunctional closets, cluttered cabinets, unorganized pantry. There are tubs of clothes that belong to my kids: clothes they've outgrown and I need to put them away somewhere. But because I have Gabriel, I can't just get rid of Caleb's old clothes, so they are sort of in limbo!

I hate it when my bedroom becomes my "dump everything" room - like when I cleaned the house for Caleb's birthday party and piled random things in there. I can't stand the playroom because I just can't keep up with what the kids get out - yes, this might be a parenting issue, don't shake your head at me! :)

So anyway, if I start this project, I will take pictures (how embarrassing) of each area I need to tackle and share before and afters. One of my long-term goals is converting the kids' rooms into boy/girl rooms rather than sleep/play rooms.

Would anyone want to take this challenge with me? Does anyone else have rooms/areas to tackle? Or am I the only one with a bit of messiness? :)


Anonymous said...

As much as I'd like to join you in this, I've actually (already) been forced (against my will) to get and stay organized! I'm a bit OCD anyway so my house is normally clean, with the exceptions of my closets and drawers...but when we listed our house back in April, I was forced (did I mention against my will) to organize every square inch of this dad-blamed house! :) So, even though I can't join you, I will definitely cheer you on!!! :)

Chrissy said...

Couldn't you just organize your sock drawer or something??? :)

Jo Ann said...

I am in. I have a craft table that has got to get unearthed by Christmas!

I think the Boy/ girl rooms idea is good, no toys allowed in there.
I heard one person suggest that your bedroom be a "love nest", don't let it become clutter central. One thing I have heard suggested is to rotate kids toys. Only allow a minimal amount in the house/playroom at a time and put the rest in tubs in the garage or basement and rotate out every few months.
The St. James library has some good books on organization.

Deidre said...

H stayed at my dad's a few weeks ago and I went crazy, going through every closet, including the coat closet and linen closet, bedside tables, armoire, etc. I got rid of so much stuff and then had a garage sale with my mom and made over $500! It feels so nice to have more organization to those areas. However, it's only a matter of time before they fall behind again with our chaotic lives. Oh well! Baby steps.

Wendy said...

That's a great idea! Honestly I think I'm a little OCD, because I don't like clutter, although my bedroom is HORRIBLE! Just like you`mine becomes the dump room. I always find something to clean though, although if I skip a day it can easily become a habit and then I am swamped! Good luck to you on your new journey! I might join you, but I doubt I'm a regular! :)

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