Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Naked Time

My kids love to be naked. I guess this isn't exclusive to just my own children. I've heard of other moms talk about "naked time" and it always cracks me up. Just to feel that free to run around without clothes and have no shame in it must be exhilarating...ha!

This more often than not happens before or after bath time. They will dart out of the bathroom and exclaim to whoever will listen, "Look! I'm naked!" Their giggles are just too darling. Their quickness around the dining room table and into the living room and then back around the table should prompt me to sign them up for track lessons...though I'm not sure they'd be as fast if I wasn't chasing them...not to mention their clothes would slow them down.

And the other day this got me to thinking. You know, before the fall of man, Adam and Eve walked around without shame in their nakedness. I think it's really hard to comprehend this, but when I see my kiddos run around without clothes, it makes me realize that perhaps their attitude and perception of everything must have been childlike. Not that they were childish, mind you. But they must have seen the world the way a child does...before they decided to disobey God...then the weight of the world came upon them. Yet before they decided to go against what God told them, they were like my little children before bath time.

How I wish my life were as simple as a child's. But it's not. I have grown up issues. And what I'm realizing is when I stray away from the concept that my blog title gives, I become overwhelmed with anxiety. When I hold on to past hurts, when I don't forgive or ask for forgiveness, when I let someone else tear me down - and start to believe what they say - or if I lash out because my human nature goes into defense mode...oh, it is not a good thing.

Then bath time comes, and I see these sweet little kiddos, their giggles, and their enthusiasm to run around naked. I am reminded of their carefree spirit, and I know that God wants me to feel the same way. And how do I do this? By giving my burdens to Him. By seeking His face, and asking Him to soften my heart.

When I give it all over to Him, I won't be literally running around naked (you're welcome) but my spirit will feel lighter...as if I'm wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops rather than 5 layers of clothes, boots, and a parka.

I hear the kids...they are waking up. And it's bath time once again. Thank you, Lord, for a new day.


Faithful Mali said...

Love it! I never thought about Adam and Eve like that, but now that you've said it-- makes perfect sense to me and I think you're right.

christy rose said...

Oh this is so true!! If we just hand over all of our burdens and hardships, (clothes) to the Lord and run free, I think we will understand the joy of streaking like a little kid. Great post.

Mom of Many said...

So so true! Just like your header verse says...we can't do this alone. We have to cast our burdens and cares upon Him. Thank you so much for stopping by my place today and for your comment. It really means alot to me!

sanjeet said...

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