Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The "next phase" has arrived...

Do you recall when I wrote this post concerning the idea of the next phase of Caleb's life that includes losing teeth? Do you remember when I said, " I've had my friends' children come up to me with excitement and say, 'Miss Chrissy! Look! I have a loose tooth!' and I just have to turn my head and tell them how wonderful it is. But I don't mean it."

Well, guess what I discovered tonight? Yep. That's right. The time has arrived.

Caleb told his daddy that a tooth of his sort of hurt. So then, of course, Caleb showed me. I put on my brave face...the mommy mode kicked in...and I said, "Well, can I feel it really quick?" He allowed me to do so, and I gently touched his bottom middle-right tooth. Sure enough, it was just a little bit loose. While I was feeling teeth, I decided to touch the middle-left one, too. I'm thinking it won't be far behind in the falling out process.

And while this was actually difficult for me (just like I thought it might be) I also felt a flood of emotion about the whole thing.

Yes, me. The one who generally doesn't become overly emotional about the growing up process.

Generally speaking.

But every now and then, something just hits me. And this particular milestone really doesn't seem like it should be here already.

Baby teeth. I remember when Caleb got his first tooth, he was around this age...

I can see his first two teeth in this picture. It was taken outside of our duplex we lived in...the duplex we brought him home to. The one I still drive by on occasion because it's where I brought home my first baby.

My baby.

And I jokingly said something about this to my dad tonight on the phone. How I didn't like it that Caleb had a loose tooth already, and he said, "Yes, loose tooth today. College tomorrow."

But, you see...that's exactly how I feel.

So bear with me as I process this next phase of his childhood. And in the meantime, if you have a machine that stops time, I'd like to borrow it.


Ashley said...

Wow! I thought I had more time before Hunter started losing teeth. S has already lost a tooth (and obviously I wasn't there for it), and it broke my heart...but to think that my 5 year old will also loose one?! Too much for this Mommy's heart. I'm sorry to say, but I hope we're WAY behind you on this one!

Mrs. Haid said...

I didn't think this milestone would bother me, but maybe it will. I felt really unusual this month with Daniel got his first teeth. He wasn't an official baby anymore! More of a medium baby, not an infant. I guess this means Caleb isn't a toddler at all, he is a real oldish child. WOW!

Aries said...

It bothers me too. When ever its time to visit the dentist, I will get my hubby to accompany my kids, I will wait outside. When it is my turn, I will shoo everyone out. I will try to be brave the next time. Ha Ha Ha

Causey Fam said...

I just had to laugh when I read that you actually touched it!!!! Alli is excited for Caleb...she said, "Now we will both have holes in our mouth!"

Chasity said...

Awww...can I borrow that machine when you are done?

Wendy said...

I completely understand your desire to hold onto your child's childhood! My son lost his first tooth about 2 weeks ago, but what really got me emotional was when I heard on the news "Attention graduating 2023 students! It's time to register for kindergarten!" This huge lump in my throat about burst! I can't believe my baby will start Kindergarten this fall...and I thought I'd be ok. You know what they say...'once they start Kindergarten, they'll be graduating seniors in a blink of an eye'

Ok..I must stop, the saddness is overwhelming!

Good luck with Caleb's growing up!

CRAZYMOM said...

awww. I am the worst with milestones. I try not to be, but I am. It just makes me sad that they will never be babies again. I try to remember this when my little man dirties his diaper in church or something!

sanjeet said...

. I guess this means Caleb isn't a toddler at all, he is a real oldish child. WOW!

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Stephanie said...

Well... I am in the same boat. My 4 year old has lost both of her bottom 2 middle teeth! I said 4 YEARS OLD!! It seems as though my daughters milestones arrive a lot quicker than others. I hear parents say their kids are 6 and still haven't lost any teeth and here my child has lost 2!! absolutely amazing!

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