Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How did it happen?

After yesterday's post, I had several people ask me if I knew what exactly caused Gabriel's injury. I referenced the "thud" but didn't really explain what happened.

Gabriel ran into the living room from our bedroom, and from where he was sitting when I found him, we gathered that he ran into the corner of the wall.

The direction of the cut is consistant with this idea, and the fact that there is a gash in the paint in that corner also indicates where he hit the wall.

Last night we took off the two band aids that covered his little forehead and saw his stitches for the first time.

It looks like the doctor did a great job with it. The only experience I have with children and stitches is the memory I have of my little sister cutting her knee when she was about 7 or so. We didn't think they did a very good job with her's, and that's probably what was running through my mind when I realized that Gabriel would need them - especially considering this cut was on his face. Ugh. But fortunately his hair actually covers it when I'm not strategically parting his hair to the side for the sake of a picture...ha!

This incident has caused me to be a mom that I didn't want to be. An overprotective one. Normally I let Gabriel play in his room on his own or with his brother and sister. I used to do whatever I needed to do - laundry, dishes, make beds, whatever. Now I don't really want him to be out of my sight. Some moms are like this without an ER trip, and I realize that's just one way of parenting. That's just not who I was before, and I told myself I didn't want to be that way.

But for now...I am.

Josh's dad came by this morning and brought some donuts for the kids. I captured Gabriel being his normal self. Donuts will do that to a kid!

I know he's ok. I know ER trips are not uncommon for parents of small children! But this has been something that has altered me I think. Perhaps for the better? I don't know.

My intent was to write about my 5K on Sunday...but considering what happened, that post hasn't been created yet. Hope to work on it sometime soon. I ran the whole thing.


Christy said...

Yeah, it does change you. my daughter was burnt very badly and had to go to the er. it was scary, but we made it through. and she is fine now

This Daddy said...

Man Chrissy, you and Josh, I don't know how you handled it as well as you did. Those pics make my head hurt.

It is good to see some smiling pics

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

Thanks for the follow... Oh I 'm so sorry for all those stitches - my youngest did the same thing on a rock pathway when she was a bout 18 months.

Susan said...

I cracked my brother's first born skull and she had to have medical treatments for a very very long time..that happened within a sec of me turning around..now maybe you can understand why I was the way I was...I have and always will hate myself for that. I thank God everyday Sheri is ok and that my brother, no matter what, never blamed me...and his wife, Cathy could have written me off..but didn't...I'm crying now just thinking of that moment!

Wendy said...

Bless his heart. Glad to see he is all smiles. Hope his recovery is a speedy one!

Mindy said...

Ouch!!! Poor little guy. Did he cry as bad as you think he would?

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