Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on Gabriel

On Friday I took Gabriel to his pediatrician to follow up with her after his incident last week and to have his stitches removed as our discharged papers indicated - to remove them in five days. My mom offered to watch Caleb and Sarah while I was gone because she had the day off anyway (thanks, mom).

He fell asleep on the way there, and stayed asleep when I carried him into the doctor's office. I thought this was going to work out perfectly - that he would sleep through the entire thing and it would be a peaceful visit.

Well, he did sleep the entire time.

But when the doctor looked at his forehead, she said the stitches were not ready to come out. She said the bottom three looked good (the skin is completely healed under them) but the upper three were not close enough together, and he actually could have/should have had an additional stitch there to limit the gaping that has occurred.

Nothing major. We'll just go back and see her on Wednesday. She said it never hurts to leave them in longer anyway.

It's funny that I had a few friends tell me I should save my copay and just take them out myself! No, thanks. I think I'll just leave that to the professionals...ha! :o)

I guess we'll see what it looks like on Wednesday!

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