Monday, June 28, 2010

I Saw Beth Moore

It is often very difficult for me to put into words how God speaks to me at specific times in my life. Perhaps I need to work on that; I know He would love it so much if I could articulate how He has given me peace, convictions, grace, love, instruction...

All of those.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Beth Moore conference in St. Louis. It was a very last minute type of thing. I knew about it for months, but by the time I decided I really wanted to go, the conference was sold out. The funny thing is...when I went to have dinner at my friend Maegan's house last week, I saw that she had written on her marker board "Beth Moore" on June 25th.

"Oh, I so wish I could go!" I remember saying to her in a pathetic voice.

"I think there is an extra ticket! Let me call and find out."

There was.

So with only a week to spare, I got to go! And would you believe...another ticket became available, and Maegan asked if I knew anyone else who wanted to go. I didn't specifically know someone who had actually said they wanted to, but for some reason, I instantly thought of Bethany. I don't believe it was just a fluke. I believe God had a purpose behind it and put her on my heart for a specific reason, even if I don't know what that reason is. She was meant to be there.

As we learned about being made in God's image, and as I took notes, I kept praying throughout her message that I would hear from Him and know what He wanted me to hear out of this particular set of scriptures at this particular time (because you know that if you study scripture, you can often read the same passage at different seasons in your life and find that He speaks to you in completely different ways).

I kept feeling as if the message wasn't necessarily the reason He brought me there. (I think Bethany will be writing later about specifics on her blog if you want to check it out.) Though I loved it and thought it was simply amazing (as all of Beth Moore's studies are) I kept feeling as though He just wanted me to finally let go of a certain hurt. That I needed to just use this time spent in His word to feel Him close to me and know that even though I may never understand the "whys" of particular situations, He is there. He knows my heart.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

This scripture isn't even in my notes, but I felt it. Through worship, I felt it.

And it's exactly what I needed.

I completely agree with my friend when she says, "I'd challenge any women who have never been to a Biblical teaching and worship conference to GO! Change your plans and go! Let the Lord lead you and be revealed! It was really just that good."

She's right. It's just that good.



Nicole said...

Hi Chrissy! My name is Nicole and I came across your blog a few months back. I just want to say how much you have encouraged me as a new mom and also as a fellow believer. I love how honest and up front you are about your faith and your walk with the Lord. I was actually in your husbands Algebra class my senior year of high school from 2004-2005 (my maiden name is Benton). I really enjoyed having "Mr. Adams" as one of my teachers, not only was he easy to understand and learn from, but I loved the fact that he played Christian music during class and wasn't afraid to let others know that he was a believer. You have such a sweet family and I hope you don't mind me following your day to day life. : )

Josh said...

Thanks Nicole! It was algebra 2 after all...give yourself more credit! I am sure I was horrible as a first year teacher, but much has changed. I still have the letter you wrote me at the end of that year. Congrats on the new baby. You will be a great mother.

Tiffany said...

Aww. That is so great!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I got to attend a Beth Moore simulcast a couple of months ago. We were told that over 200,000 women were all watching at the same time, across the US, Canada, Alaska, the Bahamas, and certain other parts of the Caribean. The worship was wonderful and the sense of unity was amazing. I am glad for you that you got to go. Isn't she a powerful speaker?

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