Saturday, June 19, 2010

The post where I rant about people I don't know...

Yesterday afternoon I went clothes shopping for myself. For those of you who know me well, that is shocking, I'm fully aware. I hope you were sitting down when you read the opening sentence.

But I saw two things that really upset me - or irritated me - or made me feel like I didn't understand why someone would do what I saw.

As I got out of my car, shut the door, and turned to walk into the store, I looked up ahead of me and there was a very pregnant young woman. It was not mistakable, "Is she pregnant or just look like it" type. She was very thin all over except for the cute, basketball shape in her tummy. Big basketball shape. No mistake. Pregnant.

And then I saw her hand go up to her mouth with a cigarette.

I actually felt physically ill. I had to turn my head and not look at her because I thought I would give her a nasty look or perhaps feel compelled to say something. But what would I say that she didn't already know? She knows she shouldn't.

So I walked passed her, tried to get that image out of my mind, and continued on to find a nice pair of shorts. Maybe a nice top. Something I need for an event I get to attend next weekend (I'll write about it later). I grabbed a few items that I liked and continued on to the dressing room to see how they looked.

I entered the room, shut and locked the door, and then turned around and saw tons of clothes wadded up all over the floor and bench. There were hangers everywhere. It looked liked a teenager's room. Seriously.

I felted compelled to start picking up, and as I did, I counted the items. There were...

3 dresses
2 pair of pants
1 skirt
2 tops
5 swimming suits
1 cover up (for swimming)

All of the hangers that went to these items where just tossed about. I honestly couldn't believe someone would do this. They had no regard for the items or the employees who would have to pick up after them. It was so disrespectful.

As I'm writing this, it occurred to me that one person may have not done all of this. Perhaps it was just one person after another thinking that trying on clothing means tossing aside what they didn't like on the floor of the dressing room.

I realize that since the store I went to doesn't have a monitored dressing room, this is probably not uncommon. I, for one, do not throw clothes all over a dressing room, though. I always place it back on the hanger, and at the very least, I put it on the unwanted items rack (most of the time, I try to put it back where I found it). Why would someone think it's ok to just throw it on the ground?

I just don't get it.

What would you think or do if you saw the two happenings I saw yesterday?

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accesskas27 said...

As for the woman smoking- when I have seen it in the past I just get really sad. I know personally people who have smoked while pregnant and have heard them tell me "i have tried and tried... i just can't quit". I think it's a walking billboard for never starting to smoke... because when you really need to quit.... it's sooo hard... you know? And it makes me pray for the baby, that it will be protected from all the things that could happen to the exposure from the nicotene.

as for the hangers... i totally agree with you.... to me it would make me think that the people in there before me do not respect other's property... I always put them back on the hanger too... and take them back or put them on the rack they have outside the dressing room.....

Mrs. Haid said...

I get you. I so do.

It bothers me to no end that people smoke while pregnant and around babies. I get super annoyed and I am sure I have a haughty, self righteous look on my face. (but righteous means RIGHT and doing the right thing, so perhaps its okay?)

I have never worked in a retail job, but I have tried on clothing in an unsupervised dressing room with a new baby who needed me to HURRY. So I've left things improperly hung up or not hung up at all. I didn't feel that bad about it because the store has employees to do it. I HATE hanging up clothes in a dressing room, but I usually do anyway. I think stores pay the price in sales for messy dressing rooms. It makes me not want to shop there.

kimberly said...

Bailee birthmom smoked and it was very hard to ask her not to, but we somehow politely asked her to reduce. Luckily, Bailee didn't have any affects. The dressing room thing. I always hang up what I tried on and then return it back to where I got it. Yes I work retail! And I know that even though I might be the only one that day that didn't leave something in the dressing room that is one less item they have to deal with.

KT said...

I personally can't stand the smoking thing. I have done research on the affects of smoking while pregnant, and the results are far from good. I feel sorry for the mother who doesn't care enough to stop. I also feel exceptionally sorry for the child, who is being born with problems he/she had no control over.

I worked retail for a very short period of time... and I hated working in the fitting rooms, I never knew what I would find. I can tell you, I would much rather find a heap of clothes on the floor than many of the things I found in the fitting rooms at our stores.

Elizabeth said...

The smoking thing is so sad. I would have kept my mouth shut on that one, too, but it is so sad when a mother can't put her babies needs ahead of her own. I know several women who were able to stop smoking when pregnant (or so they said) and yet started right back up once the baby was born. If you can do without for nine months, why not quit forever?!

brooke lynn said...

yes, i would have been peeved about both happenings. you were so very kind to pick up someone's mess in the dressing room.
great rant. i had to rant the other day too...lazy, lazy people i saw.

God bless~

Cameron said...

I would've definitely been upset about the smoking thing. It's so frustrating! I mean, you're pregnant for less than a year. If you just argue that you're a smoker, fine, hurt your body as much as you want. It is your right. But is it really too much to ask to stop for those 9 months that the baby is relying on you for their oxygen? Grrr annoying.

And I also understand about the clothes. I'm one of those people who feels like I should round up the random grocery carts all over the parking lot that aren't in the proper place either. I hate little stuff like that. It's not like it takes that much longer to just put your stuff in the right place.

Anyway - I stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Aries said...

If ever I get a chance to see a pregnant lady smoking, I have to give her that nasty stare. How could she do that.

Aries said...

Had a colleague, female, who is a chain smoker but will quit every time she gets pregnant. Anyway it doesn't do much good, both her daughter was born premature. She and her mum are still chain smoker but her husband don't smoke, wonder if her 2 daughters will start smoking at a young age?

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