Friday, April 20, 2012

About Her Name

We successfully kept Leah's name a surprise for the most part.  I have no idea why I felt strongly about telling the kids and trying to let them in on the fun of keeping a secret to surprise everyone once she got here.  Sarah's preschool teachers told me that if I REALLY wanted to keep it a secret, I probably shouldn't have told her. :) I guess one day during circle time, she announced, "I'm going to have a baby sister!  And her name is going to be Leah!  But don't tell anyone, ok?!"

Oh, well.  I'm still glad we told the kids.

I also had a few friends guess it successfully (three friends I think).  They know me too well.  That, and they know Old Testament girl names too well!

Our kids names all have a common pattern, one that I didn't really set out to establish, but one that I just ended up following after we named our first born.  That is, first name from the Bible, middle name from the family.  I wrote about Caleb, Sarah, and Gabriel's names here.  I also included new born pics in that post!

Leah's name follows suit, her first name is in the book of Genesis (chapters 29-35); Leah was the sister of Rachel, wife of Jacob.  Michelle is my sister's middle name.  When we called to tell her Leah's full name, it made her teary - which is one of my favorite things to do, make people cry!  I know, I'm so weird! :)

Sonja (my sister) and Chris with our kids.  The kids love being with them!

And I guess the true test of a name (for the mom anyway) is how it makes you feel when you hear someone else say it out loud.  I joked with my mother-in-law that I was even going to "surprise myself" with the name because I didn't call her that while I was pregnant.  All the months that I referred to her as "baby girl" on my blog or on facebook, I actually called her that in my head, too!  So as we started to tell people last Thursday, and as I started saying it out loud, I really loved it.  Then when we had her first appointment with the pediatrician, and when the nursed called for Leah, it seriously made me smile.

My sweet Leah.  I could stare at her all day.

Some people were surprised when I told them that we had a name picked out rather quickly.  The truth is, it was in my "name vault" as I call it.  When I was pregnant with Gabriel, we didn't know if he was a boy or girl, so I already had Leah Michelle all ready to go back then!  I still loved it this time, so I didn't change my mind.

I love hearing name stories, so I thought I'd share hers!

How did you chose your children's names?


Shelley said...

She has such a beautiful name! My oldest was a name we both liked and then my step dad's middle name (which was also his grandpa's name) Our youngest we had a hard time debating between Kurtis, Kyle and Nathan and I was wanting Nathan and then we his middle name Steven came from my husband's first name and its also his dad's first name.

Maegan said...

I love all your kiddos names, and I think Leah fits in beautifully with the other names!

For our first, I wanted Kirsten and Shannon wanted Ashley, so we basically combined them and got Ashton. Our second was supposed to be a girl, Abby, but came out a boy, so Shannon named him Chance Michael, after his dad. Our third, well, we just liked the name Brooklyn and it seemed to fit well with the other names. The middle names are after family members, "Leah, Michael and Hope".

After I had all three, someone pointed out that I had "ABC"...I wish I could say I did that on purpose! :)

thechattymommy said...

She is beautiful!
The husband picked 3 of our kids' names because he is in charge around here and claimed rights. lol
I got to pick our 3rd child, first son, because I had him in the bathroom and basically caught him myself. :)

Hillary Winter said...

It was Christmas and we had no name yet had known he was a boy for 2 months...strangely, I just didn't care for Thaddeus, Walter, or Edwin. My sister suggested Bram, like Bram Stoker. We liked it, added the "h" because "Brahm" is the Gaelic form of Abraham and my Grandmother was a native Gaelic speaker who immigrated to the US. Gotlieb because that is Aaron's great-grandfather and was the first to be born in America. Sort of a tribute to our roots.

Wendy said...

I think her name is adorable & I love how you stayed true how you picked all 4 of your kiddos names. Great stories for them later.

My oldest son's name is Hunter Jackson. We didn't know if we were having a son or daughter with him, but I loved the name Derek for a boy, so that would be his name if he was a boy...or until 2 weeks before delivery. I told my husband I didn't like the sound of it & I thought Hunter sounded good. So, it stuck. Hunter is named after his dad's favorite hobby, hunting. His middle name, Jackson, is named after several family members on both side, primarily after Jason's grandfather who passed away 2 months before he was born. I loved him. I loved how he spoke his mind and wasn't afraid, too. I respected him & wanted that trait to carry over to Hunter.

Our youngest, Jarod Dale, came to me in a dream. His first name is a combination of my husband's name (Jason) and my father-in-law's name (Rod). I knew I wanted my next son to have my father's middle name & my 2 brother's middle names, so that is where it came from. He also has the same initials as my husband. I love how it sounds, too!

Jamie said...

We have pretty much the same "name criteria" as you do. We choose Biblical names that can't be shortened for first names and a family middle name. So we've got Naomi Lynn, Micah Ruben and Hannah Joy...the next one (like all the others) is a secret till she's born!

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