Monday, April 16, 2012

Nursing - The Beginning

Leah has been a nursing champ.

She latched on first time we tried...ate for 15 minutes on each side.

I was thrilled.

She's still doing great.

Except I forgot about the excruciating pain associated with the first week (or so) of nursing.

I want to cry every. single. time.

And the only things that are keeping me from dying are


Yeah, that might be over-dramatic. I probably won't die. But it sort of feels like it. It's like I'm in constant labor, not to mention the...umm...pain where she latches on.

I know it will get better. It always does. I just wish it was really soon.


Jennie said...

I remember that pain way more than the pain of labor! It was excruciating!! Good luck, hopefully it will end very soon and you can go back to enjoying the healthful benefits and convenience, instead or dreading the pain :)

Ashley said...

So glad that it's going well! Hang in there Momma! I'm having a different experience this time around with just pumping and not nursing...I wasn't in pain until now (5 weeks)...not sure what's going wrong, but I've got to figure it out..and soon!!

Nel said...

I hope it gets better SUPER FAST!!! Darby is working on teeth and getting lazy with her latching on and well... hurting her mommy a lot these days.
Hang in there! **And don't feel guilty for taking the percocet, just try and stay comfortable, you are a busy mommy of 4 and don't need the extra stress right now!**

Marcinda said...

hang in there Chrissy... it does get better... something to look forward to, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! I remember those days too and it is awful pain! I didn't cry during labor or even afterwards, but when you couple post-labor contractions with nursing...well, I shed a lot of tears!!! I will be praying that your body adjusts quickly and you can completely enjoy that tiny baby without all the pain! Love you, friend!

Marcie Short said...

Sorry it is painful for you but am so glad it is working for you. Wyatt and I fought hard for 6 weeks to make it work. He was just too tiny to latch right and my supply wasn't great enough. :( After exhausting every option with the LC's I know, I had to give it up. It was heartbreaking but at least for now I am able to pump what I've got and am giving him more breastmilk each day than formula. Happy ror you and your family! Congratulations again!

Andrea said...

Ahh Percocet and Lansinoh. A new mommy's best friends :) Mama M also says to put a Therma Care back wrap on your belly for the post-partum crampy pain. Glad that she is doing well, though. Not so glad you keep reminding me of all these wonderful things I'd forgotten when I'm 4 weeks out hehe.

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