Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enquiring minds want to know (maybe)

Well, I had a handful of people who either sent me an email encouraging me to post my goals or who said in a comment that I should at least write them down. I have achieved my first two goals today, but it's only 4:35 pm, and there is still time left in the day! :o) So, as silly as it's going to sound to some, here are my three goals:

1. No fast food during this week. I'm setting a short-term goal. I'd like to say forever, but I'm not sure if that's achievable.

2. No soda this week. Same as above, I'd like to quit permanently, but let's take baby steps shall we? :o)

3. Ultimately, I believe the two above goals will lead me to weight loss. So...I'll post a number. Let's say 10 pounds by my May Curves weigh-in. I know I won't hit that goal for my April weigh-in.

Seems simple, right? It's not. It's almost ridiculous how addicted I am to McDonald's. No, it IS ridiculous. When I take Caleb to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's almost like my van has a mind of it's own (I'd like to blame the van anyway). I'll cross over the I44 bridge coming back from dropping him off, and I feel my van start to head toward the left turn lane heading to McD's. It's pathetic. So here I am, blogging about my addiction. That means that when you see me there, you are to throw something at my van to get my attention. Then I'll know you saw me, and hopefully the embarrassment will keep me from going again! :o)

I asked someone this morning if it's silly to pray about weight loss. I mean really. There are hurting people in this world. People are battling cancer, going through divorce, struggling with a job loss. There are bigger things in life...why bother God about my silly addiction to McDonald's? But it's not silly to Him. He knows how much it would me to me to be free of this. I am reminded every day when I look at my blog that 1 Peter 5:7 says:

"Cast ALL your cares/worries/anxiety on Him because He cares for you."

He does care about me. He cares about the issues in my life, both big and small.

So I'm praying that He gives me strength, and I have confidence that with His help, I will achieve these goals.


kimberly anderson said...

You go girl. I have had the same thoughts about posting help for weight loss. I need someone to make me weigh in and get mad at me if I don't keep on track. I have asked someone to help me and it has really helped. I totally hear you on the McD's thing, someone has me addicted to getting them tea, which I always get unsweeten, but they haven't figured out how to make an unsweeten brownie melt. So if you see me there make sure that you embrass me about eating there.

Kelli England said...

You write about your addiction to McD's, I just posted a blog about my addiction to coupons!!..Its the day of mommy confessions!!..Hey, there is a new topic we can start for every Sunday!!..."Mommy Confessions"...

Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

big and small.....very true! good for you chrissy. keep us updated.

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