Friday, April 17, 2009

Where do I sign up for the Mommy Olympics?

This morning, Josh left a bit early to catch the bus at school that was heading to "Math and Science Day" at Six Flags. He was overly chipper, knowing he didn't have to teach, coupled with the fact that we slept an entire night without any interruptions from the children! He kissed each of us goodbye and left for his big day.

And then the phone rang...

"Chrissy, could you please bring me my sunglasses? They're on my fishing vest in the garage."

"But it's 7:35...what time does the bus leave?"


I thought to myself, "Could I possibly load up Gabriel in his car seat and encourage the kids to get in the van without a battle...and make it across town in less than 10 minutes?"

Some of you know where I live. Our house is on the north side of I44 and the school is on the south side of I44. It's not like we live in St. Louis or anything, but with morning traffic, sometimes it's difficult to get across town in good time.

But that wasn't really my dilemma. Honestly, getting out of this house is usually a huge struggle.

"Okay, kids! Daddy really needs us! We just have to hurry and get in the van as fast as we can! Let's see who can be the best listener and who can get in their seats without any fussing! Can we do that for Daddy?!" I said with as much encouragement in my voice as I could muster up.

"YES!" they exclaimed back.

The kids instantly went to the garage, Caleb opened the door to the van, and he and Sarah both sat in their car seats. I put Gabriel into his little seat, strapped him in, and then headed over to Sarah to help her buckle. Caleb always buckles himself.

And would you believe...I made it to the school with time to spare.

I can't remember a time when they have been so cooperative. Even Gabriel was great, and he should have been fussy because he hadn't even been fed or changed yet!

So I give myself a gold medal for this morning's achievement.

Even though I realize I might not even place in tomorrow's event. :o)


Nel said...

Way to go!!!

Tina said...

I thought once you said you made it there w/time to spare - you would say you forgot the sunglasses!!!
Great job this morning!

Mrs. Haid said...

Love it~

Molly said...

LOL..GO MOMMY!!!!! That was a sweet little read..thanks for sharing :)

cheryl & dave w. said...

awesome! way to go! i wouldn't have been able to get my ONE baby there in that amount of time!!! lol!

Kelley said...

:-) Ditto Molly. What a fun post to read!

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