Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blackberry Picture Archives

I was looking through some of the pictures on my phone, and I realized that there were a few that I never posted on facebook or shared on my blog.  They were significant...and yet, I haven't shared them.

So today I'm sharing them.

This was the day Leah came home.  I just saw them together on the couch and took a quick picture.  Just a daddy and his girls.  Thought it was cute.

My mom sent this one to me via text.  It was the day Sarah had preschool graduation when I was in the hospital and couldn't attend.  It makes me teary-eyed when I see it because I still can't believe I wasn't there.  It also makes me emotional because I'm so thankful  my dad was willing to take her.  They both look so happy.

This was the day after Gabriel had his ER visit.  It was his first breathing treatment at home.  He didn't really like doing them all that much, but somehow we were able to get each treatment done.  And by "we" I mean Josh. :)

I love when a simple picture tells a story.  That's what these pictures do when I see them...

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Marcinda said...

aw, you fooled me... I'm so old I was thinking of 'blackberries' that you eat... which I love!! so sorry, I was a little disappointed ~ : )

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