Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Favorite Milestone

Someday we will have a cool new cell phone that can capture a video more clearly than our current phone - a Razr. For now, I can only share this new event with you with a less than stellar image:

It's hard to believe that Gabriel is already walking. This has probably been the fastest 10.5 months of my life. Well...I'm pretty sure the first year is always the fastest, and I know I felt this way with Caleb and Sarah, too. The years to follow do seem to slow down a TINY bit, but the first year just goes by in a blink.

In the last month or so, he has "achieved" several cute milestones. He can clap. He gives kisses - doesn't everyone love those open mouth kisses that a baby gives? He said, "Mama" about two weeks ago, and I literally jumped up from the couch with excitement. A few days later, he said, "Hannah," when we watched my friend's daughter for the day. It was pretty cute. What's even cuter...I can't seem to get him to say it unless he's around her!

Nighttime has gotten somewhat better. He still does not consistently sleep through the night, but I'd say every other night he does, and on the nights when he doesn't, usually he will settle back down if Josh just goes in and gives him his pacifier and pats him on the back.

I am finally at a point where I feel like I have my days figured out with the three of them. I often go to Wal-Mart or K-Mart with them, on my own, and they do just fine. My life is in order.

And I recall feeling this way in February of 2008. Guess what happened the last time I felt this way?


kimberly anderson said...

Congrats Adams! What a great milestone.

Causey Fam said...

Hmm...I am guessing that you ended up pregnant?!?! Well, enjoy it as long as it lasts hee hee ;o)

Tina said...

November 19, 2008 - 9 months = February 2008.........
hmmmmmmmm.......... is that a hint???

and congrats to him!!!!

he is adorable.

Will I really be there in 4 months???

Mindy said...

Uh oh... haha!

Jessica said...

That was precious!! I cried when Alexis walked for the first time.

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