Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Mother's ESP

I've never really been one to get sick. Throughout my childhood and into my teen years, I was a student who usually had perfect attendance or near-perfect attendance because I just didn't miss school...because I just didn't get sick. Maybe it's genetics, maybe it was my immune system, I don't know.

But...of course there were a handful of times when I did get sick. And one time in particular came to mind when I was thinking of this extra sensory ability that mothers must have.

I was 14 or 15 years old, and my doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia (yeah, so I didn't get sick much, but when I DID get sick, I got it bad). I was pretty miseralbe one night, it must have been 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, and I really just wanted my mom! I don't know what I needed...maybe just a hand to hold, but I remember really wanting her to come into my room.

I did not have the strength to go into her room to ask for her to be with me. I also did not have the strength to even call her name. So there I was...lying in bed, thinking that I wish my mom was with me.

Within moments of waking up and knowing I wanted her there by my side, I heard her get up from her bed and walk across the hallway into my room. "Did you holler for me? I thought I heard you?" she asked.

Amazed, I said, "No, but I thought your name!"

I've never forgotten that.

A similar thing happens to me very often in my house.

At night, there are times when I wake up, WIDE EYED, and cannot for the life of me go back to sleep. In fact, I barely even feel tired when it happens. I just lay there, look over at the clock, and think to myself, "Why am I awake?"

But I finally figured it out. After being a mom for 5 years now, I finally know.

If it's that wide-awake kind of awakeness, I know I might as well just sit up and wait for one of the kids to get up. Within moments of it, Gabriel will cry. Or Caleb will have a bad dream. Or Sarah will want to crawl in bed with me. And because I am so awake, I can coherently walk through the house and help whichever child it is that needs me. Caleb needs comforting? I'm there. Sarah needs to be put back to bed? I've got it. Gabriel needs a binky? No problem.

I don't stumble around or have a hard time seeing because I've already been awake for about five minutes. Plenty of time to get myself together and help.

And I'm thankful for this ability. I used to be annoyed until I realized that I was awake for a purpose.

I can't explain it. It's the weirdest thing. But it works wonderfully late at night when someone needs me.


cheryl & dave w. said...

i do the SAME thing! crazy! and it works especially well in the mornings when i wake up too early....about 95 % of the time it's because brody is about to wake up, and sure enough, he does! (the only problem with that for me, is that if it's in the middle of the night i usually can't get back to sleep for about 30 min.....but it IS cool how God wakes us up to be there for our kiddos!!)

Mindy said...

That's pretty cool :)

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