Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Post that Refers to the "B" Word

Have you ever been so angry at someone who hurt a friend or family member that you really wanted to punch them in the face? No...of course are a Christian who would never even consider that sort of thing. Christians don't become angry, they don't have impulsive thoughts.

Have you ever had a woman do something that made you so angry that you actually called her the "b" word to yourself? No...of course are a Christian who does not use that sort of language. Even the fact that I typed that concept should be enough to ostracize me from my local congregation.

The fact of the matter is...I'm human. I do strive to be Christ-like. I want to obey the scriptures that say, "Let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth," or "Do not repay evil for evil." I would never act on a thought like above. I would never use that kind of language. Those who know me best know that I genuinely don't talk that way. I don't act that way.

But...I have wanted to stand up for my sister when someone hurts her. I've wanted to drive 2.5 hours and beat up someone who has treated her so poorly.

I've had the "b" word come to mind when someone tried to interfere with my family on a very personal level. I even typed it out to one of my best friends when I sent her a message as I "vented" about someone.


Yes. I did. I am human.

But I know that God's grace is unfailing. He understands my emotions. And while I have asked for forgiveness concerning these particular instances - and really have to work at not feeling this way - thankfully, He has given me the strength and maturity not to act on any of these thoughts.

And that's a good thing. Otherwise, I would be in big trouble.


Tina said...

SO I shouldn't admit that I think things like that either ???!!!!

I am glad to know that you are human, like the rest of us!!!

And I think we have alot in common about being so overprotective of our younger siblings -

I have wanted to hit people with my car (because I think if I hit a boy he would laugh - I believe a car would be more effective)
But I have obviously not done that, because I am pretty sure that lands you in jail!

I hope everything is o.k. w/your sister!

Mrs. Haid said...

I have also wanted to punch someone who has hurt my younger sister. I know that punching someone with my fist is not going to repay back the unfair and ugly words she said about my sister, so that is one reason why I never did.

I bet it makes your sister feel good to know you support her and love her enough to hurt when she is hurt and to want to stand up for her.

Well... now that I think on it, maybe not punch anybody. Just look her in the face and say, "Is it that important to you that you should bully another person? Do you see yourself as the bully you are right now?" Isn't that more embarressing than getting punched? For me, getting called out on my misbehavior is way worse than any punative treatment.

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