Thursday, October 8, 2009

Attn: FBC Nursery Workers

Dear FBC Nursery Workers:

My little guy is officially weaned. This means I will be bringing bottles on Sunday mornings with powder in them. All you have to do is fill them with 8 oz of luke-warm water, probably around 11:00 or so.

Thankfully, after a massive closet-cleaning-frenzy last Saturday, Josh and I found all of Caleb's bottles. I was so glad to know I would not have to buy any new ones. We put them in the dish washer, and they looked as good as new. With one exception. Since Caleb went to daycare at that age, we wrote his name on all of them with permanent marker.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that I am aware of this. I have not lost my mind. I did not write "Caleb" on Gabriel's bottles. It's just that Gabriel is using Caleb's bottles.

Just wanted to clarify. I might seem like I'm going in a million different directions at times, but I do still know my kids' names. (Most of the time.)


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SonjaMichelle said...

Its and dad and everyone else called me Christina all the time when I was little.

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