Monday, October 5, 2009

Christmas Music in October

As the weather changes, and as each morning is crisp and cool, I always find myself pulling out my Christmas CD's from our stash hidden away in our hall closet. Yes, I know it's only October. But ever since I can remember...our Christmas-music-listening-time always started around marching band season. Call us crazy. It's ok. (Oh, but don't put Josh in that crazy group...he thinks I'm crazy, too.)

I am very particular when it comes to my taste in Christmas music. If I find a CD that has mostly traditional songs (I'm talking at least 7 out of 10!) and if the arrangements are also traditional...having beautiful, symphony-like accompaniment, then that is the CD for me. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, it has to meet those requirements.

My all-time favorite will always be The Carpenters Christmas Collection.

As I listen, I can just close my eyes and see our downstairs living room in the house I lived in as a kid. The lovely brick fire place...nicely decorated for the season. The Christmas tree that stood in the corner, always full of red poinsettias because that's what mom liked back then. That CD is gorgeous, but it also brings back wonderful memories.

Others that I listened to as a kid were Anne Murray, Kenny Rogers, and Barry Manilow. As an adult, I have purchased these CD's because the music allows me to step back and remember the winters of my childhood. Call me nostalgic.

Recently (over the last 5 years or so) I have grown to love other Christmas music. My current favorite (#2 to the Carpenters of course) is Christmastime by Michael W. Smith.

I love, love, love this CD. It is gorgeous. Really. He has a newer one than this, but I'm partial to this one. You should buy it if you are a fan of Christmas music. It's a must have for people like me...ha!

My other recent favorites are Point of Grace, Vince Gill, Andy Williams, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Selah.

And I just remembered Jewel after my sister's comment!

Believe it or not, I actually have more than this, but the others didn't make the cut to mention on my blog. They didn't meet my expectations, so they might need to be donated to Good Will. Perhaps someone else will enjoy them. Someone who isn't as picky as me.

Just thought I'd share this tidbit of information with you. Perhaps you were wanting to find a new CD to enjoy this Christmas season.

And I've just given you several ideas! :o)


SonjaMichelle said...

The Carpenters Christmas CD will always be my favorite!!! I might have to get it out today after school and listen to it. I am sure my room mate would love that. lol

Barry Manilow would have to be my 2nd favorite! Oh yeah, its awesome!

3rd place has to go to Jewel's Christmas CD. Love her voice.

Anyway, this moring when I walked outside it made me think about Christmas it was interesting that you blogged about it today! Great minds.....

Jessica said...

My favorite Christmas CD is Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Music of Christmas"! I could listen to it all year long!

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