Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Excellent Subpar Sewing Needle & Thread Skills

If there is anything I wish I would have learned younger in life that would greatly benefit me as an adult, it would be sewing. I wish I could fix the holes in Caleb's jeans with more than an iron-on patch (because those rip anyway) and I would simply LOVE to be able to make dresses for Sarah.

But I can't.

So when Caleb started AWANAs last year, I wondered how I would be able to keep up with the patches he would earn. Thankfully, all the little patches are iron-on, and they have stayed put quite nicely. The larger patches that he has received, however, are not iron-on (there is only one "big" patch per year in Cubbies...but it still has to be added to his vest). I asked my mom to do it last year, but this year, I decided to take the plunge and do it myself.

All I needed was a needle and thread. Simple enough.

It started with a tiny, rectangle shaped velcro piece that he needed to hold on his tiny Cubbie bear which he earned last spring for finishing the entire book. I made sure to complete this small task before the first Wednesday of AWANAs for the fall so that he would have it. I wanted him to know that I was very proud of him for completing the book, and I also thought it would be neat for him to show the "younger" Cubbies what they would get when they complete their first book.

After the first couple weeks this September, he earned the "big" patch, and I put it on all by myself.

I's silly that I'm this proud of myself for being able to use a needle and thread. Heck, my sister made her own bridesmaid dress for my wedding...and here I am tickled that I was able to sew on a patch!

Nonetheless...I am still proud of my accomplishment. Humor me. Nod in agreement knowing that this was a big deal! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I had a good chuckle out of this one, as I can totally identify with your being "sewing skills challenged." I was also not the stellar seamstress, much to my mother's chagrin, who was a very, very accomplished seamstress. Try as she might, she could not get me to "get it" and do a decent job at anything associated with sewing. I was lucky to get the sewing assignment done in Home Ec in highschool! The ace sewing genes just skipped me entirely. So when you wrote this and feel great you were able to get this stuff done, it made me smile ... at least you accomplished these sewing challenges!! I can't even manage to get a torn hem sewn staight - I use sewing/mending tape for everything... so good for you!!!!!
Aunt Kathy

Nel said...

Way to go! Looks great!!!

Tina said...

I think it looks AWESOME!
And other than sewing on buttons for my husbands work shirts, I feel your pain!

I also am so glad that I got the opportunity to sew mine on twice since I put it in the wrong place the first time!!!!!!

Nice practice!

Anonymous said...

I have become very good friends with the FACS teacher!! -Bethany

Tina said...

I give up what is FACS?
And why are you anonymous - it freaks me out!

Mrs. Haid said...

FACs is Family and Consumer Science (but that is not me that made the comment).

I wish I could sew, too. My mom made her own wedding dress. I can't even sew a straight line with a sewing machine. Sigh.

Tina said...

Sorry - I thought you had multiple identities.

It was creepin' me out.
I googled it and came up with 200 different answers for it.

SonjaMichelle said...

Why are is patches lined up to make an A and a C?

Chrissy said...

Bethany S - yes, I've sent Josh to our FACS teacher to sew up his torn jacket! :o)

Tina - I have lots of friends...ha!

Sonja - AWANA Cubbies = AC.

Tina said...

you may have alot of friend, but typically you have the same group of commenters -

Sorry !

Causey Fam said...

Great job! Makes me miss AWANA! Alli always thought the AC were her initials! LOL ;o)

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