Monday, May 24, 2010

My Movie Monday {Singing With Kids}

I like to sing. The people who know me in real life - specifically if we've gone to church together - understand this about me. It's not that I'd try out for American Idol or anything - besides the fact that I'm too old now - but I do love to lead in worship if given the opportunity.

Or sometimes sing with my children.

My Movie Monday

These are not exactly examples of videos I'd send in to try out for America's Got Talent, but these have been times when my kids and I have had way too much fun with a simple song. Remember this post where I confessed which commerical was currently my favorite? Well, my kids liked it, too. We had way too much fun with that one.

Also, there is a song that my kids know, only because it's on one of their favorite movies, that they love singing. Sarah decided to make it her own by emphasizing a part of the lyrics. I'd recommend not having the volume up too loud on this one!

I hope you've captured something fun this week! Link up if you have!

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kimberly said...

They are both too funny! I do miss that McDs' commercial, I guess I will have the kids sing it to me.

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