Friday, May 7, 2010

Selecting Just One Picture

I'm using this picture for Paper Mama's Photo Challenge: Water.

The other day I saw a status update on the facebook fan page of our church. It said this:

I have favor to ask. I am looking for pictures of men in the church doing fatherly/grandfatherly things. I really only want the best of the best pics. It could be anything from holding a baby to hunting. These can be old men with middle aged kids young men with babies, or anywhere in between. Please send the pics to my email address. Please don't send 20 pics...just 1 or 2 that you deem as great. Thanks!

Really? I could only send one or two? That hardly seemed fair. I mean, I have so many great pictures of Josh with the kids. What about the one where he's standing by Caleb for the kids version of the Tour of Missouri? Or what about our picnic at Maramec Springs? Or the cute ones at the zoo?

I don't know. It was hard. But I sent him this one from the summer of 2008:

Because the joy in their faces was just priceless.

Sarah was only about 23 months old here, and Caleb was a month shy of turning 4-years-old. I remember that summer and NOT getting in the pool because I was pregnant with Gabriel. I also remember Caleb wearing a life jacket because we wanted him to practice wearing it for a future canoe trip (it's amazing how a picture can bring back so many memories).

I hope the sweet guy who asked for the pictures liked it. I hope he receives lots of great pictures. There are tons of great "fatherly" pictures on my computer, that's for sure!


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Faithful Mali said...

You do have some really great pics of Josh and the kids, just from what I've seen posted on here and facebook. This one is definitely great. They are all so genuinely happy.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Good pick!

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Ashley Sisk said...

Well this picture certainly fit the bill, it's adorable.

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