Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarah and Underwear

This morning, as I was getting ready for church, I stood in my bathroom and was about to do the finishing touches of my make-up. I had just completed the eyeliner on one eye when all of a sudden I heard Sarah open my bedroom door and run into the bathroom.

"Mommy! Daddy finished my bath! I need underwear!"

Underwear. Ok.

She knows where her underwear are, but today she needed me to get them. So I walked across the house and grabbed a pair out of her drawer and put them in her little hands. While I was helping her, I realized I had not set out Gabriel's clothes, so I went through his room to find the outfit I had in mind. Then I heard Caleb ask for some cereal. After the cereal was poured, I knew that the others would need something, too, so I fixed them an Eggo and filled up some sippy cups of milk.

Then I knew I needed to find the dress that Sarah wanted and get her to put it on. I also needed to dry and fix her hair. Caleb needed a pair of socks. Mommy needed to find Mommy's shirt.

After all that, I looked at the clock and realized it was about time to go. Everyone was ready and fed, so I told Josh to load them up in the van while I threw on my clothes. So he did.

As we drove off to church, I decided to grab the visor, open the mirror on it, and look at myself. Call me vain. I'm in recovery. When I looked in the mirror, I realized something I forgot.

The other eye had no eye liner.

One eye looked fabulous. The other looked like I just woke up.

Fortunately, no one seemed to notice. Well, that, or they were kind enough to pretend like they didn't notice. The only person I spoke with for an extended conversation was Ashley, and she talked to me like I was normal. I think that's because she stood on the eyeliner side.

So my lesson from this morning: Make Sarah get her own underwear. Distractions cause bad make-up days.


Mary Joy said...

I can SO relate to this story!!! LOL I was home from church today sick with a sick child so I didn't see you...but I can tell you that it could mean that you look just as beautiful without eyeliner as you do with it! :-) Maybe that's why no one seemed to notice. You are just gosh darn pretty naturally, Chrissy!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

HA! I was out to lunch with my mom last week when she looked at me and said "is there a reason you only put make up on one eye today?" - very similar scenario!! I love the way you told this story :)

brooke lynn said...

that would so happen to me!

Anonymous said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I have actually done something like this...except I put on eyeliner and then didn't "smudge" it or put on mascara, so it looked very 'goth' and I think I scared some people!!! :) I can just see you now.... LOL

Ashley said...

Sooooooooo funny! I did NOT notice! :0) You looked great!

Nel said...

Too funny!

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