Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day at the Office

Normally I try not to post random YouTube videos on my blog, mostly because I don't tend to watch them when other people post them (oops...I just admitted that)! But last year I saw this one, and it seriously reminded me of the days when I worked in an IT department at a hospital.

The three guys in this video even have names to me...because they remind me so much of three guys I used to work with, and they are three guys that would have totally done something like this with me! Oh, those were there days! I miss you Jason, Sheldon, and Will!

And the girl who doesn't participate, she has a name in my mind, too. But I better not share that!

So if you've ever worked in an office, I really think you'll get a kick out of this! It makes me smile every single time I see it!


Nel said...

That was funny!
And I was just getting ready to say we need a new Chrissy post :o)

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite videos! We should make one anyway! :)

tips4green said...

Hi there! I am a new follower! Hope you stop on by! Have a great weekend!

Anna said...

aloha! lol at the video! just found u through the friendly friday blog hop. great blog!

Hanna said...

Hi there. I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop! Lovely blog!! You can find me at

Anonymous said...

Follow you from Friendly Friday.
Hope you have a nice day.


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