Monday, September 20, 2010

We Must Look Trustworthy

We live in a small subdivision with lots of nice people. On one side of our house is a duplex, and behind our house is another duplex. We have seen a few different families in those duplexes in the five years we've lived here, usually with small children.

And every time there are new families who move in, without fail, they trust us without even knowing us. Like just yesterday, the new family next door let their three small children, ages six, four, and two come over to our backyard without watching them. The kids stayed for over an hour, just playing with our kids and the parents allowed us (mostly Josh) to watch their children.

I wonder why that is? Is it because we have a fenced in yard and a play set? Is it because we look trustworthy? Is it because it's a small town and that's just what people do?

Because I tend to be more on the overprotective side when it comes to something like that. I would let my kids play with other kids of course, and I wouldn't necessarily have to watch them if another parent was watching, but goodness...I would at least want to know the parents. You know. At least a little bit.

But I'll just be thankful that other people must see something in us that allows them to trust us. Even if it is just a fenced in, safe-looking yard.


Shawna said...

I'm sure you do look trustworthy. And a fence and yard always help. :) But I'll tell ya, when I just had 1 child, I was extremely protective. Now that I have 3, I have had to let go some and let "the village" help me raise my children. Having 3 little ones, I really need others to help me keep them all together (and alive). It's hard to have so many!!! However, I would never let me kids play at the neighbor's house unless I knew them well and trusted them (unless I was watching out the window the whole time). I DO NOT trust the people across the street, but Kaya is nuts about their little boy. So I let her walk over for a few minutes the other day. I watched like a hawk the whole time, though. She came back tattling that the boy had said "crap" and "OMG" repeatedly. She told him "God is the Lord's name. We do not use his name that way." I was so proud of her...but she won't be going back over. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that y'all are trustworthy, but I actually know you and your name. Do these people even know that or your kids names? I believe in getting to know your neighbors before you start crossing boundaries.


This Daddy said...

That is kind of crazy Chrissy. Tracy and I dont do that, there is a family down the street we have know them and the kids for 5 years now, and I still woudlnt let them in the house without us being there. Or in the yard for that matter. But they let their child down to our home to play. It is crazy.

On a funny note, I dont trust Josh, anyone who can whoop up on his M-I-L like he did has got to be bad. Hope your felling better.

Josh said...

no pity for the weak

Anonymous said...

Are they crazy??? Who in their right mind would trust their kids with you???? LOL hee hee
You know I love ya!
Anyway, that is pretty crazy! I would NEVER let my kids hang out anywhere that I didn't know the parents well, and trust them with my kids. And you know me, probably the least protective mom you know! That's also just rude!

Brenda said...

Well, I am pretty sure it is not something I would do with my children. Send them over to the house of someone I barely know. However, this may be a great opportunity to share Christ's love with this family in an unexpected way.


Deidre said...

It's interesting to read your post, b/c a very similar thing happened in my new neighborhood just last week. I am new to the neighborhood, have only lived there 4 weeks. I've only met a handful of neighbors. Anyway, I was outside playing with Hayden in the front yard and a little boy with a cape wandered up the street and into our yard. I asked him what his name was and he told me it was Chase. He appeared to be 2 or 3 years old and proceeded to try to get Hayden off his mower that he was playing on. I looked all around for Chase's mom or dad... nothing. I waited 15 minutes (no exaggeration) and behold, his mom appeared! Keep in mind I've never met this lady. She introduced herself and then ran back down the street to "check on her other boys," leaving me with Chase for another 10 minutes or so. I'm all about being a friendly neighbor, but was flabbergasted like Chrissy that there would be so much trust... just because I also have a little guy?

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