Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Being Fit Prior to Pregnancy - To Help During Pregnancy

Yesterday, this was my status update around noon:
To my friends who aren't moms yet but would like to be someday: GET IN SHAPE. I used to read articles on this, I thought it was only for delivery. Not so much. I wish I didn't hurt like I do now that I'm almost done with pregnancy, and I know it's because I was just a lazy bum! :) So do yourself a favor...go for lots of long walks, work out, whatever. You don't have to run marathons...but do something.
I wrote it for a couple reasons. First, it's true. Over the last several weeks, I have felt like I was going to fall apart. It sometimes hurts just to get up! Or walk! It's ridiculous. And I don't say this to sound like I'm giving myself a pity party. I know I've done this to myself - well, with Josh's help...ha! But Josh didn't keep me from working out or finding some sort of physical activity to stay fit. The pain I'm having in my lower back plus the fact that I get winded just walking around plus the way it hurts to do basic, household chores (especially vacuuming and dishes) is enough for me to try and give a heads up to future mommas. Or mommas who want more kids are are a little older this time! :)

The other reason I posted it is because of what happened about 10 minutes prior. It's when I realized how much being out of shape has affected me. Gabriel and I had just picked up Sarah from preschool, and as we pulled into our driveway, I decided that I would bring in our trash can and recycling bin from the curbside. I do this on most Tuesdays, yesterday was no different. I pulled the van into the garage, and I told the kids, "Just give me a second, I'm going to get the trash stuff and bring it in." They usually just wait in the van during the 20 seconds it takes me to do this.

This time, for some reason, one of them (I'm still not sure which one) decided to push the garage door opener/closer. In the split second I had to process this, I panicked and worried that if the garage door closed (with all other doors locked and my inability to get inside) that they wouldn't open it back up for me and they would get into all kinds of trouble in the garage by themselves. Or what if they went into the house without me. I just worried! So from the road, I darted towards the garage. Lord, I hope no one was outside to see me do this! Instincts always take over as a mom, and this time was no different. When I turned so quickly, it felt like I pulled every muscle and ligament in my lower half. In pain, I continued to run towards the garage, putting my foot in the way of the sensor so the garage would stop and go back up.

Oh, it was painful, and it was just a very short distance that I attempted to run! I'm actually not sure how I didn't fall because it felt like my legs were going to give out.

Had I been in better shape, I feel like this wouldn't have been a big deal.

I honestly don't remember feeling quite like this with my other three pregnancies. I can't decide if it's the age difference (I had just turned 29 when I had Gabriel, I am 32 this time for baby #4...what is it about being in your 30's?) or if it's the amount of pregnancies I've had. All I know is that I wish I had a regular workout routine prior to carrying this baby. I'm not saying I want to run a marathon before delivery like this woman, but I think lots of walks and good muscle tone from a weight lifting routine would have been very helpful.

How has being fit or not being fit affected your pregnancies?


Nel said...

Darby's pregnancy was different and more exhausting and hard on my body than the first 2. I swam everyday during the summer and walked most days after swimming season. I think it has to do with being a 3rd or 4th child, having more children that you are taking care of already, and well.... you have been most pregnant during winter, when there is much less to do outside (unless if you want to freeze your booty off). I agree - stay in shape! Do some kind of excercise if you plan on having more and while pregnant - you WON'T regret it.
I know how you feel Chrissy...

Miranda said...

I LOVE THIS!! I totally agree - I told Shelby with my last pregnancy that if I were more in shape, that maybe my body wouldn't have been so tired/sore all the time. It's definitely something I'm taking into consideration while I contemplate baby # 3 :)

Bethany said...

My grandma was pregnant when she was 45 with my dad. I bet she had all kinds of hurts!

Life as I Know it said...

So does this mean I get my walking/running buddy back? Because I really need her!

Julie said...

Wow, do I hear ya!! I am 31 weeks 4 days and just this week the pain has kicked it up a, times 100!! It's my 4th pregnancy but along the same lines, I am considered high risk due to past pre-term labor. So exercising during the pregnancy is out. I also get weekly shots of progesterone in my hips. I've been in pain in my hips for the last 6 weeks or so because of that. When I'm NOT pregnant, we take lots of walks but I'm not really a regular exerciser type person. But I can't help if more regular exercise would indeed help during these horrendous months. What you described sounds just like me. I can barely walk: standing up from sitting is excruciating in my hips and lower pelvis. I am 33 btw. It's nice knowing I am not alone!!! Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me. :) I guess it's called 33, pregnant and watching 3 other children as well. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! I have already begun to dilate so I am resting much more!

Karen said...

Owen was my easiest pregnancy by far (and I was obviously older-almost 33 when I had him). I never stopped teaching my fitness classes, did prenatal yoga the entire time, ate clean....I do think it makes a big difference. But mine are also spaced more and Chrissy you also have smaller children at home and that plays into the equation as well in the tired factor.

Chrissy said...

Kim...after baby girl gets here, YES! But that's because I will want to lose weight and get back into shape, not because I want to prepare for baby #5...ha!

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