Monday, March 26, 2012

Misc. Monday - Weekend, Sarah, Postpartum, Pat, Ants, Full-term

It's Spring Break around here, so it's a happy Monday for us! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. We had such a good weekend. Everything went as planned, our hotel room looked exactly like the picture, the dinner was amazing, the movie was awesome, and time spent together was just a lot of fun.

Here I am, a little too happy at The Melting Pot!

When we walked around the mall, my objective was to find some clothes for the kiddos for Easter, and I did. I found a really neat store called Crazy 8, and I loved the colors and the prices. I did not, however, find anything for baby girl. I'm not sure why!

2. This is very random - thus, fits in Misc. Monday - but I've just been thinking how much I wish Sarah was more cuddly. My boys have always been this way, always cuddle with me. I wonder if this is a girl thing, a birth order thing, or just a personality thing? She gives me hugs and kisses, tells me she loves me, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to climbing up on my lap and just staying for a while, it's not really her thing. Have you noticed this difference among children? Is it a boy/girl difference?

3. Speaking of girls, my friend Ashley just had her baby boy, and she wrote a post about feeling great and happy and everything is just perfect. I wonder if this is also boy/girl related! :) When I had my boys, I remember feeling that way! When I had Sarah, I struggled A LOT, even to the point that I'd say I had postpartum depression for about six months. Again, I'm not sure if this is order of children or if the hormones are different after having different sexes? I do think about it since I'm having a girl this time, and maybe since I'm more aware of it I can handle it better?

4. Rush Limbaugh doesn't offend me when he calls a woman a slut. Bill Maher doesn't offend me when he calls a woman a...well...Google what he called Sarah Palin. Should I feel offended? I don't know, I just figure anyone can spout off crummy things, unless it's my best friend or husband or mom, I'm not going to let it get to me. But you know who offends me? Pat Robertson. I guess when a person is in the spotlight as a Christian, I feel that they represent all of us. And when they say something hateful or not in line with scripture, it makes the rest of us look hateful as well. So when he said (referring to the Broncos and Peyton Manning), "If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right." Serve them right? UGH! Why would he say that? He doesn't even talk about pro sports normally, does the really think God is upset with the Broncos for getting rid of Tim Tebow? Maybe Tim Tebow isn't supposed to be there anymore! Remember Isaiah 55:8, Pat.

Not to mention when he said Haiti deserved what it got because it had a pact with the devil.

5. I hate ants. They are back in my kitchen like they are every spring. No matter how much I clean or bleach or find products that are recommended to me from a store, nothing works. Looks like we'll be spraying again soon. Super.

6. My doc is on vacation Wednesday, Thursday, Friday....just when I'll be 37 weeks/full term (on Thursday). So even though I really want to have her early, I really want my doc around! So I guess I'll wait another know...if baby girl is agreeable!


Bethany Haid said...

For some reason I can comment!!!

Okay, did you try Terro Ant Baits? They work! We have them out already, too.

Go ahead, have her this weekend. I will be in town!!!! ;)

Causey Fam said...

Speaking to comment #2----We recently did a love language thing (through our Growing Kids God's Way class)with the kids. Both are different in how they feel loved the most. Alli is high in touch (no surprise) she LOVES to snuggle, and be near almost all the time. Payton was high in quality time (again, no surprise)he loves to be with us or do something with us. Sarah is probably still too young to know what her love language would be, she just wants all of them, but as she grows you'll start to notice what stands out more. I think it is just a God-given personality thing more than a boy/girl thing.

Jamie said...

Pat Robertson... grrrrr....

Nel said...

1 - How fun!!! You are glowing :o)
2 - Libby is cuddly - Abby is not, I think it's a kiddo thing each is different!
3 - I think mood has to do with.... each child and circumstances. I was more sober and depressed after having Abby, I had just become a full time at home mommy without contributing to the income and struggled with lots of feelings and adjusting to a new budget. Darby was super happy and she was the 3rd (and you know I have all girls)
5 - I hate ants too... they make me CRAZY!!!!
6 - I always wanted my doc there too ;o) And a couple more days will be good for the baby! But I would be ready to hold that sweet baby girl too :o) Can't wait to see pictures!!!

BARBIE said...

Both of my boys are much more cuddlier than my girls ever were! Wasn't the melting pot fun? I've been once and would love to go again!

Anonymous said...

Ants: try finding a poison with boric acid in it...I used "Terro" this weekend. The scout ants swarm it because it smells sweet and they take it back to the next, where they kill all the other ants.

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