Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Must. Wash. Windows.

This sweet boy...

...made me laugh last night after dinner. I couldn't help it.

Yes, it means cleaning the window in my china hutch. But gosh, it was just so funny.

Would my mom have been ok with this when I was a kid? No, probably not. Maybe some of my friends cringed when they watched. But it's ok. I won't let him do it at your house, ok? :)


Maegan said...

Ok, that wasn't near as bad as I had expected...maybe the Xanax is working properly!! :) I must tell you though, that kid is absolutely adorable, so if he did do this at my house, he actually may make it out alive after all!!! :)

Chrissy said...

Xanax must have worked...and you can't really see what the window looked like when he was done. ;)

Eyreka said...

I'm with you! Washing a window is so worth the joy of that moment!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chrissy, that would have been made plenty of faces that left places on the car windows...we just didn't have a china hutch when you were little for you to do this on!

He is the sweetest!!!


Andrea said...

I love the "ahahaha ok that's enough" when the licking begins ;) It sounds just like myself lol. And. It's kinda weird to hear your voice when I've only "heard" you in print for so long ;)

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