Monday, March 19, 2012

The Perfect Card

Today is my husband's birthday.

He is 31.

Yes, he often reminds me that I am older.

Yes, I often remind him that I am wiser. :)

What I have found to be difficult at times is picking out the perfect card.

I think that funny/humorous cards are good for best friends or a sibling.

I think sappy cards are good for moms and dads, depending on the relationship I suppose.

But I don't usually get a humorous card for Josh because it seems so shallow (for a spouse). I like sappy cards, but for him, sometimes they seem over-the-top.

And I must confess, as vaguely as possible, that when you've had a rough spot in your marriage, it makes it even harder to pick out a card. The last year and a half have been tough.

I remember texting a friend around Valentine's day about trying to pick out a card. I said something like, "Why can't a card say, 'Yeah, things suck sometimes, but we're still in this.'"

I also wish it said something like, "I'll love you when you're a jerk if you'll love me when I'm a !@#$%."

It's true, right? I mean, unless you haven't experienced this, then you probably don't get it and think I'm horrible! But when you've endured a lot, sometimes the sappy sunshine and rainbow cards just make you want to punch someone (ok, maybe that's just me because I'm hormonal and pregnant)!

So what card did I pick out for his birthday?

It said this:

For My Husband

Who's the first one I turn to when things go wrong?
Who's the first one I tell when good fortune smiles on me?
Who gives me a fighting chance before rushing in to save me?
Who sometimes knows me better than I even know myself?

It comes as no surprise...
My answer is always YOU.

And then at the bottom, I wrote this:

Because I had to include the word sucky to balance it out! :)

Last year I had an even harder time picking out a card. I literally made my own! I wonder if he still has it. That would be fun to scan and post.

Do you ever have a hard time picking out a card? Ever made your own because Hallmark just couldn't get it right?


Andrea said...

I hate picking out cards! What I choose depends so much on my mood while shopping, how our week has been, what has happened over the last year, and what kind of mood I think he will be in. And none of those things EVER equal the same type of card. I have made many cards. Or I go for a simple one and write something in it. Choosing cards is one of my least favorite things for ANY occasion.

Lisa said...

Agreed! Card choices are awful. If I really thought Matt wanted a card, it would say something like, "I decided not to waste $3.75 of your hard earned money, so I made you this card. Later, I'm getting naked. Happy Birthday."

Jo said...


Anonymous said...

Perfect card! I completely agree with you, once you've been through some "turbulent times", it's hard to really find that perfect card that isn't too mushy or too serious. I used to always go with humorous cards (big surprise), but the last few years I tend to really search for the perfect mix between serious and humor. Then of course, I always have to write sucky too! :)

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