Friday, March 9, 2012

You Sure Have Your Hands Full

I have no idea why this phrase does not offend or annoy me in the least:

You sure have your hands full!

Or in the case of the most recent time I heard it, I was at my OBGYN's office for my 34 week checkup, and a medical student saw me first. He was taking some basic information, I was trying to not act as annoyed as I felt. I know they have to learn, but after going through three other pregnancies with students (I even had an EMT student witness Caleb's birth) I think I'm just done being their example. Let first-time moms be their guinea pigs, ya know? :) Ahem. Anyway, he said something about my blood pressure, and he said maybe it was because I brought Gabriel with me to the visit.

I said, "Yeah, or that this is my forth baby coming."

He replied, "Boy, you're sure going to have your hands full!"

I smiled and continued, "Yes, I sure will."

And I didn't feel upset at all. I didn't have some prideful, uppity response ready for him like, "My heart is fuller!" or something like that (I read that somewhere once when someone was telling moms how to respond to that phrase).

Why are moms offended? I mean, usually I hear the phrase from older/wiser moms, women who have been there and know what it's like. We literally do have our hands full at times, depending on the day depends on what exactly our hands are full with! Sometimes it's a kid on the hip, but sometimes it's our hands full of diapers, wipes, sippy cups, Legos, Barbies, whatever.

And that's ok with me.

And if someone means it in a mean way, I'm oblivious.

So go ahead and say it to Chrissy. I totally won't get the jab. You'll have to jab at some other mom with her hands full. :)


Amanda said...

Not offended at all! It's annoying to me to hear but I just smile as you said:) I enjoy "having my hands full!" I like the "my heart is fuller" though! I will have to remember that:) TGIF Chrissy!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't bother me either, although I think it bothers my sister! I really don't think the people who are saying it are actually trying to take a jab, I think they are just stating the obvious! Yes, I have my hands full, some days I love it, some days I wish my hands were less full, but either way-I don't take offense to the comment. I think if you do, you may need to relax a little and have a drink! ;)

Bethany said...

I think something snotty like, "Thank you, Captain Obvious " is more like it.

Jeanette Schenk said...

lol.. I hear this a lot too and I usually let it roll off my back.. I think because larger families aren't so common anymore, people don't quite know what to say... ofcourse when I hear this comment at the time that my three year old is climbing the walls or hanging upside down off of something and the baby is fussing while the older two are arguing, I do tend to give them my' ya, you think?' look. :) Great post and congratulations!

Ashley said...

I used to take offense to this comment...but not anymore. It used to bother me when people said it because I felt like they were saying that my kids were misbehaving or out of me having my hands full meant that I couldn't have well behaved kids, which is why I was offended. Now I've decided to stop caring what people think about my family!!

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