Monday, March 12, 2012

My Moving Belly

It was two years ago that I started doing a My Movie Monday segment on my blog. It only lasted a couple months - as a big-time-blogger-wannabe I was hoping it would catch on, but I didn't notice many link-ups. So I just sort of gave it up.

But as I was looking through some of those posts, and as I was thinking about some of the short little videos (movies if you will) that I had captured recently, I decided to go ahead and do one today.

My Movie Monday

So I realized the other day as I was trying to capture my belly moving via my Blackberry that I had never captured this with my other three. I'm not sure why. I don't think I had a phone even capable until I was pregnant with Gabriel, and even then, it wasn't very good quality at all (I remember posting this video of Gabriel walking for the first time, and it looked bad to me - the quality anyway). Now that I have a phone that does pretty good videos, it's been easier for me to try and record this moment!

At 12 seconds, you can see the biggest movement of the video. I honestly think she must be camera shy because my poor tummy has moved much more than this, but every time I try to record it, she stops!

Have you captured any cute moments on video lately? :)


Laura said...

How awesome! Love it!

Nel said...

I miss this!!!

our home to yours said...

I remember those days.... :~)

Aries said...

The part that I love most during pregnancy is to watch my baby tango in my tummy and the whole belly tango with it too. Happy parenting and blogging to you. have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I miss this so much!!! I'm so glad you captured it on video, I never thought to do such a thing back in the olden days when I was having children! ;) LOL

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