Friday, February 24, 2012

I Gave Up

On being a big-time blogger that is.

It didn't take long for me to realize when I started writing in 2009 how much I loved it. I loved the outlet. I loved talking about my opinions or my family. I blog hopped A LOT (that is, going from blog to blog, leaving comments or hoping they had BlogFrog so they knew I was there), and as I would read other blogs, specifically ones that had a big following and advertisements, it just seemed to me that I was every bit as able and witty and smart as those women who were making it big.

But while I was being big-headed about it, I failed to remember (and realize) a very basic business/marketing/economic concept: the market was over-saturated with blogs. By 2009, there were so many famous bloggers that there wasn't any room for new ones. I mean, unless a writer had a very distinct something that set them apart, we were all just in the same boat: mostly moms with cute kids and an occasional opinion piece. Oh...and mostly Christian.

That did not set me apart, no matter how great I might be with words.

So by the end of 2010, after a really hard few months in my life, I just stepped back from blogging almost completely. When I look at the amount of entries I had in 2009, it reminds me how much I wanted to make it. I wrote almost every day! In 2010 I did the same until the last three months of the year, when my life was sort of a mess, and I barely had it in me to write. In 2011 I worked outside of the home for 9 months out of the year, so the time I would have spent writing was mostly gone (when I got home from work, that was the last thing on my mind).

Because of my blogging hiatus, I lost my BlogHer ads. I am completely ok with that, I didn't realize how much traffic it would take to make anything. Even when I was getting 150 - 200 hits a day, I only made about $30 over the course of six months or so (I'd say 3 of those months I was actively blogging, so I guess it's more like $30 in 3 months...but still). Making it big was harder than I many ways.

Now that I'm back to being home with my kiddos, I have committed to sticking with my blog, mostly for kid stuff. I did not set out to be a mommy blogger, but I now find myself primarily writing about being a mom...and that's ok! That's my life. My "new look" on my blog pretty much reflects that, and it also reflects that I am no longer trying to make it big. The big-time bloggers don't really go for the scrapbook look! :)

I am just along for the ride that is blogging. I love reading a few here and there, mostly my friends and a few friends I've made over the years through writing. I rarely read big-time bloggers anymore. I'm not sure why.

And even though I'm one of MANY bloggers, it's still good to have an outlet. And I appreciate the ones who stop by from time to time.


Amanda said...

TGIF Chrissy!!! I love reading blogs but have always doubted myself in making one of my own. Lord knows I have plenty in my life to blog about but some stuff I just don't know if I could blog about. And then other times I think it would be therapeutic to blog about it. Like my son being Autistic. As a stay at home with toddlers I don't get much adult time and getting things off my chest isn't always an easy task. Might be something for me to consider to start doing in my near future. Thanks for blogging, I read every single one of your entries:) LOVE them all!

Shelly said...

Oh I know what you mean. I see other blogs and wish I had half their audience. It's a tough landscape; you kinda feel like a teeny tiny amoeba in a huge ocean. But keep blogging for yourself. I'm just plugging away and enjoying the ride, no matter how small my blog is. :)

Btw, how did you get BlogHer ads? I'm curious. I would love to attend a blog conference. Oh to dream! Seems like you have to already have a lota $$ to do so.

This Daddy said...

Thanks for coming by and thanks for the comment. Blogging comes second to family so if a break is what you needed then thats ok. I only blog everyday because I have time at my desk and im bored at work and then it all translates to love in print. Hope the family is well and have a great weekend

Kassie said...

You will always be a "big time" blogger to me!!!! Glad you keep writing!!

Bethany said...

I wish I could make money doing blogging, or at least pay for a new camera and fancy site, but I also think the market is over saturated and I am nothing extraordinary or unique.

I agree with your scrap book comment! Good for you for staying true to you!

Christi said...

Your blog is just perfect. Your "real" where big time bloggers may not be.
I enjoy blogging in my boring blog because it's a nice outlet.

I look forward to readng more.

BARBIE said...

So glad you are going to keep your blog!

Mindy said...

Definitely an over-satured market. I feel like making it "big" just happens by a weird chance. Plus it seems you HAVE to be a mommy blogger to do so, which is weird. And sometimes you don't want to big like those big bloggers (ahem-MckMama). Blogging is a strange world.

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